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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Ben Affleck Controversy

With Ben's big win at the globes, many members of the Academy have spoken out regaridng their displeasure concerning how Ben did not receive a nomination from the Academy.  Well, the members get to vote, but the films and actors in each category are determined by the skilled.

The NY Post exhibited a bit of NY moxy by even printing on the cover that the reaons were "political."  So what is going on here?  How can his film be nominated in the best pic category, and not in the best director category?  Why?  Well, I am not even going to spend time on the first question - you can figure it out.  As for the second, let me take the gloves off.

Why Affleck Didn't Get the Nod.

There are ways to position oneself if they are to be enjoy a successful career.  If you travel far from the path, like the boys in "An American Werewolf in London" did, well, you'll get ripped to shreds by a wolf.

I don;t know what Ben did.  He had to suffer early on as Matt Damon 's star grew bigger and brighter than his immediatley following "Good Will Hunting."  Their chances at success in the "the biz"received a boost when Robin William's knocked off Burt Reynolds  - in  a s urprise win for Williams - as Best Supporting Actor.  Let's face it, Robin Williams was unstoppable in that film.  He was placed in hostile territory, having to deal wih an immature punk kid.  Burt Reynold's play as Jackl Horner in "Boogie Nights" earned him the golden globe - and he was the front-runner going into oscar night.

With Damon pressng on far beyond Affleck's reach, it was Damon who earned the Bourne Ultimatum, Saving Private Ryan, and The Talented Mr Ripley.  Affleck fizzled and burned in the new Jack Ryan film, "Sum of All Fears."
Then came and went reindeer games.  Affleck would hit a deadfall until he was given a chance ot direct "Gone Baby Gone," and this would be the spark.  Affleck earned his keep as a man when he directed "The Town," another film where a suipporting character kicks ass in the role ( Any Ryan in Gone Baby, and Renner in Town- both nominuated).  The Town had only one problem, everyone dies except for Affleck.

So we have a pettern developing.  Affleck's star is legitimized, yes.  However, not even Clooney cast himsel fas the star in all the films he dorected (well, maybe he did).  How can this be the reason? Is it?

Well, yes, it is one of the factors.  People don;t like it when a Director tyhinks he is better than all - and only he can play the role.  It is off putting.

Next, we have the occult.  The hidden. Ben must have done somew toher things which represent the other factors.

Haven't seen the film Argo, but again, we see Affleck putting himself in the role with the most screen time.  Is this what Stanley Kubrikc did?  Spielberg an actor?  Tarantino tried it with Reservoir dogs - but he woke up...  which is what Affleck must do.
You cannot be the almighty director, AND the almighty actor.  You must decide. You must pick one.  If this were not the case then Affleck would be the most successful film star ever - and that just doesn't have a nice ring to it.


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