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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

JUNE 6 2013 - Numerology's Rise from the depths a sorcerer religion. Grammy Awards. PAIN and Gain and the sun gym gang - plus how everyone is in for a treat when mark wahlberg plays characters who have shit fro brains.

Aboive - we see the pleasant logo from the grammys.  Ah, such a nice warm time - people everywhere rushn indoors to escape the cold - as the frigid air causes them to wear layer upon layer.  They break for the tv - to enjoy the wholesome programming they can expect from the highly ethical , kind people at cbs.

Well, if you look closer - you will see more than just the logo.

As for the date - read up on numerology - you will see that the date fits within what numerology would define as being an important date.

I guess it offers up a boinus boost of energy.


PAIN and GAIN - the stroy of the sun gym gang - this looks like a Great summer flick.  Marky Mark appears to have delivered a dirk diggler type performance as his character has shit foir brains and Mark does a great job of playing idiots.  I love the rick -but Anthony Mackie os WAY TOO annoying - he acts as if he thinks he is way too importasnt than everyone else - just ecause he is a black actgor.  It tranlsates to awful acting - but with denzel railing bolivian marching powder playing characters twice Mackies age, and another Boogie nights' alum- cheadle - selling out to showtime for a badly written , $ motivtaed series, and they guy who played the kind who cant play drims in OPUS and delivered the great "mang" performance in "hustler and flowe" (terrence howard) being the only other choices, we have to withstand mackie - which sucks.  Well, it is bette than having to ednure another puffy combs acting performance - which is equivalent to the worst smelling dog shit you've ever encountered.

With Bay making this a pseudo comedy - many are outraged that Hwood has glorifed these killers and made them anti0heroes.  Well, for nce, I agree with hollywood.  It 's not like they demonstrated any reall intelligence anyway, al they did was tranlsate what the MiamoTimes had alreadydone for them.  The threepart series the Times ran in DEC 1999 - offers up Shiller's story ( a guyt they finally abducted after sixc - dumb attempts) along with other material as a comedy - which details hw these five idots - try to kindpa peple onyly tyo be distracted by hot gilrs and seteroids.  It cmes across as very funny - everyone loves the stroy about a bunxh of idiots trying to do somet6hing well.  The TIMES story reads like a comedy - basically descrivbing the sun gym gang as a joke.

This is why it makes fun of them - PLUS they hguy they killed was non-american - and he profited from promoting sex phone dial ups - or partyn lines.  So its not like they killed anyone worthy.

Enjoy, thanks for letting me psot pics.

Gajonka Film UNiverse - back-up Editor II

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