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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Secrets of Hollywood.

!.. David - This is the name that is used in almost every film.  I am going pull up five randome films and I bet there;s a david in the cast.

!!  Faraday - for some reason - this name is used alot - see "Contraband" and more.

!!!  Hope - Always mentioned in film. "ALIVE," after they find out the search has stopped - they pan to not disclose this infor in order to keep hope alive.  "HUNGER GAMES,"  Donald Sutherland, who we love, gives a good poetic tell all about hope.  How it is used to give the masses ...well... hope.  "BATMAN III,"  Bane offers a telling discourse on "hope."

!!!!  Pryamid: There is a pyramid in every film.  Most house numbers in film will add to 9 or 13.

!!!!!  Only 1% of the SAG members have the big film roles.  The same actors and actresses play al the roles that are available. They even get the voices in the animated roles.  WHY>?  Is there a secret>?

Well  Thats all!!  HAHAH - and you thought i was going to expose!~~~~


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