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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sun Gym Gang and Daniel Lugo - plus sex sells.

The film  "Pain and Gain," is derived from a true tale about 'roided up gym guys who black-mail other , richer gym guys, for all their assets. Both protaganists in the film, Dan Lugo and Adrian Doorbal are currently appealing their death sentence in Florida. 

Not sure if you know this, but some prisons in SOUTH FLORIDA ARE LOCATED on the waterfront, or what Floridians call the "riverfront."  So , in some cases, jailed individuals get to reflect upon a mesmerizing, crisp, refreshing, view... all day for the rest of their sentence.

ON with it, it is interesting to note that Daniel Lugo hjad been identified by many who knew him as being one of those rare types - huge - 'roided up, constantly thinking about muscles and sex while also possesing a superior intellect.

The first victim said he could tell "The Boss" had arrived when he heard a guy who sounded a bit like Iron Mike Tyson.

Sex Sells.  Have a look at ONE OF  Dell Computer's product lines - laptops - the XPS line.  I own one - they are great!

Chek out what the logo spells when you look at it upside down or in the mirror:

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