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Monday, May 13, 2013

Here is Jody Arias Death Penalty DODGE plan - She is a little Mastermind - Check this out!

This is the pice of JA dragging the victim.  Her foot is in this shot - the other foot must be stepping on the camera, to force this picture to have been snapped.  JA wiped out the pics, delted the memory and even threw the fucking camrea in for a super-load mega-wash- with fabric softener... to make this go away.

Wow - this girl is smart!

Check it - So Jody had set-up an interview with a male reporter (obvi, she prefers males ;-) in AZ so she could do - again - something that has never been done before.  SO  she takes this interview, and the reporter (who wears an black and white striped tie, cough (smile) asks some good questions.  Jody  does a great job in responding in a most calculating, and precise manner.

Here is the question I think derserves analysis.  We know that Jody is aware that most people dislike her.  She knew going into the jury's decision that whatever they decide... first, second, nont-guilty, etc, will represent a confirmation on what their concrete feelings toward her are.  If they green-light a first degree - JOdy knows that it confirms that they HATE HER.  So she comes up with this...

Quesiton:  Do you have a preference?  Life in prison?  or Death?  What are you looking for?

Jody Arias:  I feel that death is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM for ME.  I prefer death.

So here she is - playing the game.  She wants to live - it is a fact - that most people want to live.  Suiciders get it done before any one has a shot.  Jody had plenty of opportunity to take herself out of the game.  She wants to live - no doubt.

So here she comes - knowing that this jury despises here - HATES here, and feels she is simply a lying whore.  Thus, her plan is to present to them - eveidence - by taking this interview - and setting forth the premise that SHE WANTS TO DIE.  THAT SHE COULD NEVER LIVE OR THINK ABOUT LIVING FOR LIFE IN PRISON.  Here plan involves offering this desire to die - as state's evidence - so that Martinez, who will most definitley take the bait... will play thye tape... and the jury will see that the ultimate way of making jody suffur will be to give her LIFE in prinson.

The interview gives them jody telling the world that her desire is to die.  It is "the ultimate freedom."  Thus, the jury will take the bait... and give her life in prison,,, falling into her trap.

Pretty smart of here, huh>?  I think it is genius.  Will it work>?

None of the news networks - particularly HLN  ( my home-girl nancy grace is great - her passion and abilities are cool to enjoy), are on top of this - or are able to understand this play.

WHo knows, Kermit may ask for death - but - Jody has definitely given herself a great shot - of forcing this jury - that hates her - to demonstrate  - further.. this HATE... and put her behind bars - for life.  Otherwise, if they goive her death - they would be helping her - assisting her in her goals.


What do you think..// ??

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