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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hollywood Secrets : Part 2

Adapted into on of the greatest Christopher Walken films ever.  He gives a perfect performance as "Johnny."  His acting is especially sharp during the scene when the rich man invites himself in and asks for help with his shy son, Chris.  This exhange, between the father and Walken, shows the perfection exhibited by Walken's acting talent.  It is such a joy to watch and observe.

Here are more secrets.  Not that big a deal.  Won't let the cat out, though.  Would never do that - so don;t worry about terminating the author!


1.  Black and White. 

The black and white pattern of either checkerboard or stripes is a MUST for all films.  Every single motion picture ever made HAS to incorporate this color pattern if it is to be released.  It is a symbol of the power, and who is in control.  Whether it is a floor that has the pattern, a sign with it, or a short worn by a character... even a houndstooth jacket, overcoat, you will see the black and white in every motion picture.  It sucks - but this is how it is.  Dates back to the beginning.  Here are some reent films I've watched - and each one has it. Here's where they are:

Seeking a friend for the end of the world (film review /quality rating score: 0.1890)  : Steve Carell's character has an cherboard (black and white kitchen floor- pretty obvious)

Amityville Horror II: The Possession (Score 6.9999): The little kid - is wearing a black and white striped shirt.

Thirty Minutes or Less: (painful to watch, but Dany McBride is funny- score: 5.5522):  The pizza parlor has a checkered sign on the ide nad on the front door and windows.  There is also an all-seeing eye on the street sign where Dwayne and his pal are listening to matchbox 20 and they see the for rent sign on the store.

The Matrix: (7.2999):  Neo and Fishburne are wearing guy (sic) that are black and white. Less obvious.

Bridesmaides( 6.6760):  Wiig is wearing a black and white striped shirt on the airplane - when she gets drunk.  Note - the hot girl was in "Two Hands" with Heath Ledger - an aussie flick filmed in the mid-nineties - if you think she is hot in Bridesmaides or x-men first class - check out "Two Hands" she even sports her ausssie accent - su super sexy.

Over The Top: (10/10)  Hawks is wearing a "New York" shirt before his big match with BUll Hurley (undefeated in 5 years).  It is less obvious. Kudos for not selling out like all the rest.

2.  Pyramid/ Triangle

This is where each film director gets into a contest of "who can be the most creative in positionsing a pyramid, unconventially, into a film."  Whether it is a street corner, or the back of a tv , or the way the film is shot - of say a balcony - bu adjuting the angle of the shot, directors appear to have alot of fun incorpotaing as many pyramids as possible into their films.  You will not, I repeat, you will never encounter a film that does not have a pyramid.  Just the facts of life.  They symbol represents how 5% of the population owns 85 of the wealth.  It is their modu operandi, and important.  Thus, we see them all over.

It is not a big deal - but I find it to be interesting how this has stretched through time - preserved - and applied almost as if it is critical.  Even in "Three Days of The Condor" "Lucifer, or Max Von Sydow's character wears a big long houndstooth overcoat.... and that was filmed in 1975.

So folks, next time you watch a film... keep an eye (no pun intended) out for the trinagle/pyramid requirement... and on the clothing of the characters (paid actors) in the films.  You will see that symbology is rampant, and I guess just a way of payaing homage to their servitude.  If I were tomake a film, I would not include these two items, unless they are necessary.


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