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Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Beer League" and Artie Lange Deserve Recognition.

It's s shame to think Artie Lange has had trouble with... issues.  This film is well-written - and a real laugh fest - one you can't really find anymore.  With a 9.0001 - the film scores high, and I suggest everyone echeck it out.  Hilarious!  That is, if your from New York.  The line about Manganelli being a cowboys fan when they live 15 mins from Giant stadium is great.

The film is littered with hilarious lines.  "He punched the DJ in the face when he wouldn;t play "Rock Me, Amadeus,": sounds like something I have done, or at least have come close to.    Sebastiono and Lange are credited as writers - and they did a great job.

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