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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jodi Arias trial - Best Witness and Jury begins its Deliberations Monday - Prediction!!!!

Islanders ROCK Pengiuns in Game 2. Ock comes through and makes Pitt Goalie look like a complete idiot.
(This is an old draft - just putting it out there now.  Jury begins deliberations on Monday. I wonder how long?!?!?!?!?  I say two days = or four hours.  They will most liekly get their shot toegther on day one - then come in tuesday morning - wait an hout, do the fomral "12 angry men" count and tell the bailiff they are ready after two hours.

Here's a look at the most recent day of proceedings - day 9, last week.

As Juan Martinez stated: "The uhhh state rests." which revealed a nervous element within his final comment.  I am impressed by Martinez, he's a one man show and he has to sit next to the detective - who receives, in the state of Arizona, the right so sit at the attorney table.

On the other side we have Jennifer and Kirk (cough).

I think Jody will take the stand.  Some jurors will find TA's involvement, and their partnership, one which he tossed aside, enough for them to rest with Jody.  She could walk here.

I realize that during the death penalty phase, the family members and friends will have say on the record.  It's just too bad the "uhhh" state sould not bring in more character witnesses to whip the cream up nicely. 

I found Joe Columbo to be the most riveting witness so far in this trial.  When he came in the court room, he looked like a gangster holding a cell phone.  As his testimony continued, he represented a highly valuable witness, glasses in tow, and I believe he offered substantial vlaue to the State. Martinez did not let him talk more.
"She wanted soemthing reliable,.  Nothing too flashy, she did not want a red car."

When the care was returned - there were blood stains - and no carpets.
"I noticed Kool-aid stains," he said.


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