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Saturday, May 25, 2013

JODY ARIAS LIVES !!!! Y 1 i ? Judge Sherry Stephens Jody Arias Mistrial Travis Alexander Throat and a territorial tax system - plus JODY LIVES!

Amanda Bynes - File Photo used on Internet Ms. Bynes' arrest on 5/24/13.

Wes Memphis Three -  Wrongful DP ( death penalty ) victim, Damien Nichiols - for some DP ( as in dip shick, sorta) reason has a photo shoot ( ok, maybe it was for the book - I am sure ) and during it he pulls this one eye special (OES).


Before we jump into the two photos I've introduced above, let's track what is happeneing in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Wow - JODY LIVES!  The Jury ( eight men, four woman) were able to agree that Jody knocked off her ex-boyfriend, with pre-mediatation, employing gas cans to eleminate the need for record production at fueling stations.  So, next they go to the PP (penalty phase) where both sides tell their tales to try and convince this jury of their desires.  I found this to be a weak, diluted effort  - especially the prosecutor's, (Kermit the Frog (a/k/a John Marty, Juan Martinez, GOV) take.  Rather than being innovatiuve and taking a unique, creative appraoch in the PP phase - where he could have exposed how nasty Jody was in killing Travis at a time when he was most vulnerable... in the shower.  He could have raised the point thatr Jody Arias has mental images of visualizing how Travis died, how he suffured, how he screamed, and croa*ed, and she saw the blood spray... saw it flow... she heard the arteries tear and rip as she slit his throat like a cow.  Jody walks the earth as an indivdiual who has gained this (terrible, hazardous) experience under he belt.  WHen she looks at people... and engages in conmversation with people - she does so with the knowledge of each and every private moment that took place whithin that master bath.  This is not right... and an individual who has done this - really needs to meet their new best friend -   - the Electric Chair.  So Kermit dropped the  ball, and all he did was tell the same story about the same thing he has said in closing.  So he was lazy.  He did not even have notes during the closing.  No visual aids!!!  EVen though the foreman sounded halfway intelligent on Good Morning America (using big words like ambiguous), you have to use visual aids when working with a jury ( witrh the hope of winning) in the United States courts system.  Like Baez did so well in defending baby killer Casey Anthony,

While the popular version will be that there may have been a man or two smitten with Jody (even though she did not puit on a sexy face - but more of a "book-worm" look(to use another's term, which would suppress sexy sensations.  However, I feel it had been a few woman who could not "be a man": and pull the trigger to electrocute this bitch.  Hey, I think she is exy - I think she is hot - I love brown eyes- and I like the raw beauty of her teeth.

The good news here, folks, is that while there were a few hold-outs who could not DP her- on the flip-side , there were a few men whoi would not submit - and decided not to give her life in prison whithout parrole... it was a battle in that jury room.

"OK, so you won't join us, and agree with us... that she should be electrocuted until her three wonder holes leak smoke, well, then, we are noty going to fucking take out the play-dough and let you turn this into a life sentence.  She deserved death - and as convicted (no pun) as you are in not green-lighting a dp - so are we with the option of not kiling her for what she did to this clueless guy, whoi whould have seen it coming," a hypotheitcal juror may have said back in that jury room.

So now - a new, unbiased, uninformed ( and with that comes awkward, and odd people) will be picked and will listen to the statements again.  I just hope Martinze uses visual aids.

The Impressive Tact of Judge Sherry Stephens

The most stirring moment of the day came when Judge Sherry Stephens paused, to gain her composure in order to offer a fluid statement of thanks and congrats to the jury.  She could not fully offer her relief and pleasure with their work.  Judge Stephens has been extremely fair during this triual.  She has put up with Jody manipulating her defense.  Jody portrays two different people during trial.  There;s the JA who tugs at her attorney;s shoulders and leans over to snap her fingers and grab their attention - then there is the JA who exists once the jury enters the court room.  Stephens has been able to monitor this behavior- and she can tell that JA is a sick puppy who kills people when she wants to.  I am sure JA has ffered up some dirty glances toward Judge Stephgens all throughout this trial.

Judge Stephens represented the views and perceptions of the entire world when she paused at that moment in her address to the jury.  It is diffuclt to understand how they could arrive at agreement at first degree murder - which carries the death pentalty - and at the same time strruggle to agree on either life without parole or the dp. 

Judge Sherry Stephens is a trooper and she knows that this case will most likely go to what can adequately be defined as a neutral arena, a neutral town... and that this is now another judge's case.

"Jody lives, " Stephens may have whispered to herself. 

Y 1 i  ?

It is certainly strange.  In Valkyrie, Tom Cruise's character wears an eye patch.  In The Blood Of Heroes, Rutger Hauer loses an eye and wears a patch.  In the Pirates of The Carribbean series, Ragetti has one real eye, and a wooden eye. 

Thor:  Anthony Hopkins' Odin has one eye

Blade Runner:  The female server at the street shop has eye patch.

KILL BILL 1+2: Daryl Hannah ; Elle Driver has one eye.

No longer just an association with pirates, the one eye theme dominates film.

Paul:  Kristen Wiigs's character has a blind eye and the alien remedies it.

Avengers:  Nick Fury wears a patch.

Waterworld:  Dennis Hopper has one eye.

Escape From New York:  Snake PLissken sports a patch.

Sure, I can agree that a villain offers up more mystery and darkness when he or she sports one eye.

Things are a bit more complicated.

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