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Monday, April 3, 2017

After Watching The Lobster, it made me think about Mel Gibson's statement: "Real heroes don't wear tights."

It also made me reflect on the great actors who have not given in and held true to their craft like Heath Ledger by not taking that spider-man gig, or that absurd, old story bat-man role.  I mean, let's get real people.  The bat-man story never he lives in a bat cave.... he is Bruce Wayne...why do we have to have a new batman film?

The new justice league film looks like it could have been a crash avoided.  Thankfully, they saved their asses by casting Ciaran Hands as Steppenwolf.  Hinds is a mean mother.

They key to comics is to make films about the villains.

I am writing a story about how the joker is getting too old, and he invites the evil men and friends he knows to his estate to discuss the transfer of power.  In attendance are new villains, powerful men like the snail-fish who sprays deadly poison.

This is getting creative....not making "The Batman" again.  If WB goes forward with a new draft- they should name the film "RISE OF DEATHSTROKE"

I am also moving forward with my project "The Ball Game" where prisoners need to play little leaguers and get hits or else an "armed" crowd of vested family members and friends are given an opportunity to gain access to the field and use their weapons (and achieve their raw form of natural justice- finally given the opportunity due to overcrowded corrections, etc)

Look to Stephen King's "The Tower" where we have McCounaghy playing a villain....and we finally get Mike Keaton back as he plays the vulture- and Wooody Harrelson in Apes... these are great moments in film.

The next villains should be scary- Judd Hirsch, Russell Crowe.  Look at Sicario - after TRAFFIC Del Toro refused to play bad-guy roles.... now they are making a sequel strictly about him being an assasin. He is also playing Boba Fetts son in Star Wars 8.

Have a look at Tommy Lee jones in that fight scene in The Homesman....that is a great piece of cinema, and look at James Spader's role later in that film...these are moments we can be proud of.

When Robin Williams grabbed Damon by the neck.   When Burt Reynolds tells roller girl that the lemons are " in the kitchen darlin" or when he asks the colonel "say again"

These are special moments in film.  With Amazon borrowing billions in an attempt tom become a film studio because a 100mm investment can yield 1 billion ( see star wars) we are now going tom face garbage enetertainmenment.

Thankfully Ridley Scott is bringing real horror back to sci-fi- with his return toggled in Alien Covenant- a name they had to pay to rip from Amityville...since it had the name last year.

I see there's another SAW set for release this october... people...please..there are better ideas out there.

I think He-man and The Masters of The Universe should be a boom - Guardians of the galaxy solved the problem with lets save earth taking it to the cosmos.  Eternia is in the cosmos,,faraway.

Do americans really think B. Singer is the only guy who can direct a fuc#ing x-men film.

Have a look at the opening scene of my film "Good Old Revenge" it plays "Your Time Is Gonna Come" by Led Z from start to finish in a snow scape - following the villain character walk through the landscape.  Watch the opening scene of "SleepAway Camp"  That is special and unique....

Please, someone with money help me save this film industry and help prevent the entertainment industry from turning into sh#t.

Honestly, how many times do you leave the theater and say, wow, life is good.  We need more of those moments and less Jason Bourne films and Batman bull shit.


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