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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Future Of The Film Industry Is The Past, Apparently. Gajonka Film White Paper On The Crisis In Hollywood.

Before we begin, I will share with you two facts.  Saturn is eight times the size of Earth and Batman the movie is currently getting a re-treatment.

No, it is not 1989.  It's 2017. 

The Economist just published two articles in their most recent issue about how Amazon is, based upon the all-pro content, and, apparently, their belief, that it's the best investment in the world today.

Let's look at Amazon.  Past 3 years of core data (billions).

                        14        15         16
Cash                            14b    16b       19b

Debt                             8        8          7

"OTro LIAB"                    7       9      13

Total Assets:                     54      65       83

Total Liabilities                  44     51      64   

To me,  looks like liabilities are growing faster than assets!!!!!!!!!!!!

We begin with AMZN because Bezos is trying to single handedly turn the film and entertainment industry into a circus.

There is value in film projects that are carefully written, cast, and filmed.  There is no value in thinking that an okay idea will work if they throw enough money at it.  Look,  the projects of AMZN and NFLX are not even at the drawing board by the time they have all of the ad money lined up to fund it and post a profit.

These two shops don't care about quality!

Think about it this way,  we are facing one of the most critical moments in film.

I just hope my instinct is wrong.  I keep my good ideas on this site because I hope somebody at one of these music-maker shops finds it and steals least we will have quality.    Nick Cage and Deniro , not leaving out the Brits Cumberbatch and Fassbender acting in four films a year is not quality, it is cheap excess, and piss poor judgment.  Do they think they are doing us a favor?  Here's a wakeup call, it is not challenging to play pretend. 

Whew!  Okay, so since we know the next Batman film should be called DeathStroke Rises or center on The Joker's transition plan. 

Here's the opening of my story about that:

      Perhaps one could point to The Joker’s 60th birthday party as the moment of shift.  Penguin, at 74, uses a cane in public but behind closed doors insiders say he relies on a cutting edge mobilized wheelchair to move.  

Even if the Sandman were to escape from prison at 43, his weaponized mist has already been antidote…solved.  Referred to as Sand Man Mist, its core ingredient mystery was cracked, making any variation of it a non-existent threat.  

In a similar vein, The Riddler, now 51, has been chipped, making his whereabouts public knowledge at 

Joker had been planning a big celebration for his 65th After all, he had reached the acceptable age of retirement.  He also allocated much of his time to working on a way to keep his empire.  His boys expressed little interest in following his old man.  His girls impacted Joker so much he became a different man.  Now, only a much diluted flow of anarchy runs through his veins and Joker knows it. The time has arrived to enact his transition plan.

I researched aboutt 12 new forces that would be good for the new wave of the next generation.  I mean, are we all so uncreative that we can't create new characters, just keep re-making the same sh*t/?
As a treat, I will give you 1- The Snail Fish Man.   His toxin surge will melt Spidermman in 33 seconds.

Now, let's move to Halloween, then GI JOE.  We will wrap with He-Man.  Check back for updates.


Michael Myers should be driving...he drove in the original.  

We should not start this new one in 18  after the second one.  Do you realize how boring a hospital is?  I swear, if I see a hospital in the 2018 Halloween, I m walking out... but only for a piss because Michael Myers is my favorite badass.

For this film we make him the anti-hero to start. 

A string of mayhem has been spreading into his neighborhood, and his neighborhood young ones are too afraid to  trick or treat.     We create a team of four alternate villains, and Michael Myers makes his return by cleaning up the neighborhood, or city if need be.

Myers can go to Australia, or to Europe, either works.  I would love to see the French deal with him.  Remember, the best thing about Halloween resurrection was that the resurrection took place within the last 3 seconds.
We Know Myers has a flipped right eye lid- use what we know.  I am actually the guy who brought the anger and sadness to Zombie after his first film because he did not include any trick or treaters, Halloween decorations... not even a freaken pumpkin!  Peter, the genius who runs slash film helped me deliver the change that we saw in his second attempt.  Zombie installed a Halloween party.

Anyway, don't is October....brown leaves cover our is a time to bring all private people to the public eye...for all must answer the ring....of the doorbell on Halloween.

Spores caused CC to grow 18 eyes on his head.  He wears the hood to suppress the stares and the added color view.
Cobra will keep CC at the top.  His right hand will be Mindbender and Scrap Iron on the left.  Destro is his mastermind and General,  The Crimson Twins are his secret weapon, Zartan, Baroness, and The Dreadnochs are the weights that will cause  the GI project to fail.  No need to spend time with storm shadow vs. Snake Eyes, I am sure they are sick of always being expected to fight each other.   The sacrifices should be Firefly, Major Blood, and a Dreadock on the Cobra side.
On the Joe side, take your pic, Beechead, Dusty or Alpine, or just kill the black guy. lol

Snake Mountain offers a refreshing medley of villains.  While I will always love Frank Langella for breathing life into Skeletor, we need to introduce Skeletor to the world.  Use Trap Jaw, Beast Man,  Cobra Khan and Webstor, but leave a few like Whiplash and Mer-man  for the third act.  Skeletor must win, in the end.  This will set the franchise on the right track.  Enough of this bull sh*t that the good guys always have to come back in the end and win.

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