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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AC/DC to Reign Iron Man II Soundtrack - Hopefully.

After seeing the new "Iron Man II" trailer, it looks like "Shoot To Thrill" and "Razor's Edge" will be on the soundtrack.  "Shoot To Thrill" is long overdue for inclusion within the film world.  Mostly heard outside hockey coliseums, the song is a banger and an excellent choice.  If BeBob is making these decisions then I love the guy more than ever. 

What is of critical importance is if "War Machine" from Ack Dack's "Black Ice" album makes the cut.  It is a killer song, and with the character already in the script, the decision-makers will disappointment if they do not add it to the line-up.

FYI- They should check out AC/DC's "Who Made Who" soundtrack from the film "Maximum Overdrive" if they want to add a few more killers...namely "D.T."

But I promise not to give away any more of my secrets.

This is good news - chime in please!

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