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Sunday, January 17, 2010

GFU Review: The Hurt Locker : 7.53

Should be called Risk Fix.  Female director sheds refreshing light on the dull and dry Iraqi War terrain.  This film is unique because it is an independent (Summit released it, Twilight being a recent Summit release) but we get three brief appearances by big time actors.  Their appearance is welcomed as I am fond of all three:  David Morse, Ralph Fiennes, and Guy Pierce.  Two of the three die (the right ones, fortunately) but it makes you think about the future of film, the state of today's actors, and the power of the up and comers.  Jeremy Renner does a fine job as Will James.  Is it enough for him to get nominated for a Best Actor Oscar?  Very close, although I have not yet appraised his competition.

I love the sequence in the supermarket where he is asked to get cereal and is presented with 100+ alternatives from which to choose from.  One of only a few good moments.

Hits the board with a high 7.53...not bad.

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