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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Night Gajonka Film Fight. Entry: 2010.1

Welcome to the Friday Night Gajonka Film Fight (GFF).  What we do here is take two film characters, (sometimes more- if warranted), and we see what happens if they were to have a disagreement, get upset or irritated, and ultimately decide to throw down.


First Blood's Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy)  Versus The Karate Kid's Sensei John "Sweep the Leg" Kreese.

Int. - Sheriff Will Teasle's Office - morning.

Sheriff Teasle sits in his office enjoying the glazed chocolate donut and coffee he just picked up at the D&D.  Sensei Kreese enters and is upset about how the Sheriff has a microphone that lets him talk to the entire town.

"All I hear very day is you, Teasle.  You on that damn microphone.  I see them installing more speakers outside.  Enough of this shit," charges a clearly distraught and tired Kreese.  "I'm going to give a lesson - no charge.  A little taste of what I do down at the Dojo."

Teasle is shocked that Kreese dare address him like this.  The last time he saw this lack of respect he had a Rambo problem.

"You uh-," Sheriff Teasle begins to choke on his chocolate donut.  He reaches for his coffee and misses, grazing with his finger tips.

Kreese is clearly disgusted.  "I just moved into this shit-town and I haven't slept a full night yet you lazy fat piece of crap.  Kreese siezes the opportunity and hits Teasle with a hard karate chop to his neck.  He grabs Teasle by the back of his Sheriff's jacket and bashes his face into his desk three times.  Teasle is still choking.  His face is turning red, enraged at the attitude of this newcomer.  He hates newcomers, people who don't like his speakers, complainers and trouble-makers.

Teasle tries to say "You fucker," but his throat is obstructed.  Sensei Kreese continues to attack, this time he sets up his finishing move with a round-house spinning kick to Teasles chest.  Teasle flies backward and into the wall behind his desk chair.  He would have flown out the window- but he only has one in his office - on the north-east side.

The kick rattles the donut-piece free and it looks like we are going to actually get a fair fight after all.

Sensei Kreese screams as he lines up his finishing move, "The Kreese Kutter."  Teasle, a  booming man and fast for his size, gives Kreese an angry smile.  He jumps forward and grabs Kreese's hair with his left hand.  He pulls Kreese's head back, setting up his big ham-hock right hand.

"You little fucker!" Teasle yells as he delivers a Ray Jackson right hand that floors Kreese quietly.

Deputy Steenbock enters after noticing the commotion.  Teasle unlinks the keyts from his belt and tosses them to Steenbock.

"Here," Teasle says.  "Lock this karate chop up.  I want to finish my breakfast."

Winner:  Sheriff Will Teasle - Non-terminal K.O.

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