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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Nation's Best Kept Secret: Mani Dex , North Carolina

Mani Dex, FAR LEFT, has taken over the #1 spot from recently crowned champ, Mark O'Mara.
  Introducing the best defense attorney in the country: Mani D.  Most recently, Mani had been retained by Raven Abaroa in the murder trial of his wife, Janet.

A master of her craft, Mani and her sidekick, Tyndall, turned on the tact and more or less, won the trial.  This was a case centered on insurance - and Raven cashed in big time as a result of Janet's murder ( she was slashed to death with a knife).  Raven also had multiple affairs - some with very attractive girls like Jennifer Walker.  Their  6 month old son was unharmed, and I think a box of jewelry may have been missing.

To me, this case would be a slam dunk for the state.  After appraising the evidence, one can easily deduce that Raven hired a killer side-kick for the dirty work to get the job done... promising a nice slice of the cheese pie he would be getting from "Kill Your Wife And We Pay You Incurance Company, Incorporated."

However, if you look at some of the key evidence, especially having a critical look at some of the people who delivered it, the answer isn't as easy as it appears.  Take Investigator Jackson "IJ" - who reminds me of "Pat" from SNL - you can't tell if she is a guy or a girl.  It does not end there...

IJ is a concern... no matter how far back this crime may have been.

She reminds of Elisa Fleak - the bumbling, incompetent coroner investigator from the Michael Jackson - Conrad Murray case.  Ed Chernoff, the undefeated defense attorney from Houston - who Ms.  Dex replaces as the top defense attorney in the world, almost had the case won... all he had to do was expose Fleak's mistakes for a few more hours.  Fleak had been moving evidence to take "clearer" pictures.  More or less raping the murder scene - a setting which requires ultimate preservation at all times.  Not a big deal for Ms. Fleak, who took photos without recording any organizational appraoch.  She even moved prescription bottles around so she could line them up and take a picture so she could see the labels!  She manually moved objects in the scene and this is unacceptable!  If it were not the MJ case - it would have been a case buster.

However, even if Chernoff pulled it off, and had identified the opportunity, I am a bit uncertain if he would have been able to sustain the advance of mani Dex, who takes the role to whole separate level.

In the Raven Abaroa ( he changed his name to Peters and moved to Idaho after the death) trial, the jury had one hold-out- and Mani Dex got the win.

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