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Friday, October 4, 2013

THE <||R||> ERA: Finally! We Have Achieved an R Rating Renaissance! Ten Years Ago All Films Were Edited to PG-13 For $$$ Greed --> While Hollywood Fails to Invent and Innovate, it's A+ Across the Board as We Enjoy The R ERA...

Even Leatherface is ExciteD about R films making a comeback.  Pages from his journal reveal how upset he had been over the past fifteen years - all films were sawed-down to pg-13 in order to expand viewership population possibilities.

Hollywood:  A mega-rich band of insiders gifted with the ability to reflect upon box office victories and Oscars of the past [this reference excludes the Screen Actors Guild, "SAG."].  A public rot has been on display for the past six years as HW has failed to opne up its doors to new minds... and as a result, has processed products only involving re-boots, re-makes, sequels and comic books ( we exclude animation, as kids need HW and vice versa).  While fiction has always been the best basis for most films, that garden has been shunned in favor of re-making movies for new eyes ( "Footloose," "Straw Dogs," "Evil Dead", "Carrie", and soon to be released "The Never Ending Story", "Overboard", and "The Bodyguard") since it is better to make more money and not gamble with films that are intelligent, innovative, and let's face it - new, and evolving as with time.

As referenced earlier, it is getting so bad that HW is even recycling old titles - not even creative enough to come up with a title that has not been used yet... so disrespectful - I mean, c'mon, get your own title.

Alas, there is good news.  About ten years ago I complained about how all films are being processed, and produced at the PG-13 level.  I could never get my horror fix, thirst hit.  The reason is due to the fact that making an R film eliminates the potential viewership universe.  Simple math theory - if 5% of a population will watch a film - and the universe of PG-13 is 225mm, while the R universe is 125mm - this had been the thinking.

And oh, did we suffer.

It is time to bring back Michael Myers.  He;s been on the shelf way too long - time to start the movement.
 Somwhere along the line, the decision-makers shifted and we've been able to see more R everywhere.  "Paranormal Activity" comes to mind.  When you can make a horror film for $10,000 and net over $100,000,000.00  the numbers draw attraction.  So while we are seeing more of these low budget horror films like "The Purge," the hope is we can receive more quality and bring the focus back to where it belongs:  to Voorhies, Myers, and Leatherface.

Here is to "THE R ERA,"  Thank you Hollywood... keep it up - while we're young.

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