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Saturday, February 22, 2014

American Gangster Revisited ... and a Look At The Forever War (coming soon).

Ridley Scott directed one of the better films we've seen in a while.  A cast that includes Ruby Dee, Denzel, Crowe (who's NJ accent is borderline awful), Brolin (great as Trupo), Ejiofor, Cuba Gooding ( in his best performance ever), Assante( who comes up short in his role as the DC), and many more - including:  Hawkes, Williams, +

The soundtrack is filled with good bass, and I even purchased the soundtrack.

Ridley Scott knows how to get it done.

Joe Haldeman is a science fiction writer who actually visited my college and gave a reading.  He comes from a low profile setting, but he is an amazing writer.  One of his better works is "The Forever War" a wonderful book to read.

Scott purchased the rights back in 2009 and we are still waiting for something to happen.

I suggest picking up the book, it is a good experience.


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