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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Heroin Ace of Spades- Examining the Possible Illuminati Connection.

Wow.  You'd think a guy like Phil was more of a straight shooter.

Hoffman was great- not just great - but over the top masterful in Boogie Nights, Hard Eight, Magnolia, and especially in The Talented Mr. Ripley.  He plays a character in Ripley that makes what is intended to be an uncomfortable situation, into a really, really bad  and uncomfortable situation.  His acting was perfect.

Now, Hoffman and I had our differences over the years, but he always managed to win me over with some great work.  I thought Ledger could have won the Oscar for his role in Brokeback Mountain.  Hoffman's performance was unmatchable, by all means, for sure.  However, I tend to agree with what Ledger said about it:

"I thought this award is for best acting, not best over-acting." and I can see where he is coming from with that statement.

Still, with an Oscar, three additional nominations... three kids, and $35 million in the bank, I am frustrated as to how PSH could not manage his dope.

After Phil won the Oscar - his career was officially gilded.  When Mission Impossible needed a good, quality, crowd -drawing villain - the only man for the task was Hoffman.

Here's a look at his run:

05: Oscar, Best Actor
07:  Nominated Best Supporting Actor (Wilson's War), BAFT Nomination for Savages.
08:  Nod for Best Supporting Actor in Doubt- again facing off against Ledger.

With Ledger dying in an almost identical fashion as Phil - the only difference being that Ledger's finder cleaned up the scene of all visible drugs - and probably took the needle out - this was not the case for Phil.

Ledger had died but he turned in the best performance ever - in film - in a long time.  While not perfect, it was great - especially the scenes when he tells the story of his father... "Why So Serioussss-uh."
Well, in order for Ledger to do the almost impossible - and win a post-humous Oscar - he would have to get past Phil's performance in Doubt.  Oh, and it was a stunning performance by Phil.  Any other year man, he would have won,,, but thankfully, Ledger pulled the Oscar down.

From there, in 08, things quieted down a bit for Phil.  He was so spectacular in "When The Devil Knows Your Dead," Sidney Lumet's last film in 2007.  Highly enjoyable... he is railing coke in his office and  a co-worker walks in on him - too funny man, too funny.

2012:  The Master- Nominated Best Supporting Actor; here's a look at who gave him the win in that category (unfortunately, Waltz won again for Django - which I completely disagree with.

2012Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012London Film Critics' Circle Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting ActorThe MasterWon
2012Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor[3]The MasterWon

Most recently, Phil turned in another spectacular performance when he took the small, unrewarding role of Art Howe in Moneyball.  I did not see him coming in this film.  I read the book, and knew that critics were chatting Pitt up, and I hate Jonah Hill.  To see Hoffman in thisd film, and the jo he did was just incredible.  He makes what is intended to e an extremely uncomfortable situation= even more sharper as he askls for his contract to be extended.  This will be one of my favorite more recent roles for him... gotta love this guy.  He was something special.

I think we will all be treated to some fine moments on film - his final moments as "A Mst Wanted Man" and the Hunger Games films pay out.  I am glad he chose to do the Hunger Games- I am sure his kids will enjoy them.

Well, it is hard to say goodbye to someone like Phil... especially since he was so young.  He must have wanted OUT because he bought 70 bags of dope - that's 7 bundles, or $700.  Mixing coke and H is dangerous - not good for the heart.  Yet, still, he was injecting H, which is a different game entirely, once you open a direct line to the heart like that - you are a major, major player... and it is care - and one must handle with care when it comes time to pin.

Film will suffer... and it is so sad to think about all the films we will not see, all the roles, we will not be able to enjoy... his death is a crushing blow to humanity... and I am severely upset about it.

We can only enjoy him in his films... all of which are masterful.

While Super Bowl Sunday is highly suspicious-it could be possible that there was some back-lash by the hyper followers of Scientology- who most likely hold L Ron Hubbard with such potent revere that they could have possible done something to him.  He played Lancaster Dodd - and personified the character of Hubbard.  While I feel the date of his death requires additional looking into... I feel they would have taken out Anderson, the director of the film, not Hoffman.  NOte that Hoffman used the phrase "Illuminate" when describing how he brings his characters to life.

Still, there is a lot to look into.  For now, it is a time to celebrate one of humanity's greatest acting talents... the one ... the ONLY... Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Rest IN Peace my friend,,, we loved ya, pal.

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