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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spoils System Strikes Hollywood in 2014... Time For Us to Suffer...

Jonah Hill took only $60k and won the Azoff role in "Wolf."  A notable, successful actor had been quoted as saying: "I can't compete with that,  Who wants to work for free?  I have four car payments, and girlfriends who love me for my money, I can't work fro free.  Whern I saw what J was doing, I knew it was over.  You can't trsut sneaky people like that: one minute they are fat slobs, the next minute they are ugly skinny people.  Screw it," he said, in response to earlier interest he had publicly acknowledged in the film.

Jonah Hill and Jesse Eisenberg are apparebnlty working for free to win coveted roles.

I guess if you look like they do- and have to stare back in the mirror at nerdy, goofy losers each day, you could see their desperation nhas its origin.
Hill at least made me laugh in THE END but it is Eisenberg who will cathc today's wrath.

JE has been miscast as Lex Luthor and it is an awful move.  Apparently, the prick aplied for the job.  His sour faced role as the geek in Facebook-based "Social Network"would have been his audition tape.

A four foot Lex Luthor, really intimidating.  Now, if it could get any worse, they hired the guy who could pla a great Lex Luthor as a janitor: Jeremy Irons.  It should be the other way around.

Well, I'm sure more spoils are in store.  More pain...such a good role for Joaquin Phoenix, too.  This sucks.

Here's to JH and JE:

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