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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Stare at this image - with eyes squinted .. you will see that this is actually A well disguised flying saucer... it is flying with the bow, or front part of the saucer tilted lower as it descends toward earth.  Could it be that the aliens who are working with us, who have shared their technology and who are riddled subliminally throughout all movies????  Hmmm - it is a dark, chilling image ABOVE, squint and stare.... it is a ship!!!
We begin with a look at Saturn.

With the hexagon mystique of its north pole, and the clear EYE BALL located in its south pole, this planet is one of Satanic worship.  Hundreds of thousands of  corporate logos.  There is one that has been flying off radar, and this post will concentrate its focus there.

Warner Brothers - the best film studio in the world.  The home of Kubrick.

We will see in these pictures below, that the logo has been designed so that the name wraps around the WB just like Saturn's ring. Enjoy.

Not really wrapped around, right>? Looks just as if it's in front.


Okay, here we see the tips at East and West - they appear to circle back around, like a ring.

Now, with real background...

This is the professional look -AND  if you stare , you sort of get that, "wow, they are trying to make it appear is if planet Warner Brothers looks like Saturn!" Hmm, I wonder why they want to do that?  What is the BENEFIT of being so closely associated with Saturn??

....Drum Roll....

And here we have it... there are grander examples out there, but this one confirms it.  East, we see the "RING" wrap around planet WB... just like a planet we know.

More to come- Webmaster

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