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Thursday, June 26, 2014


T O O L - B O X

Shia, who was ejected out of Studio 54 theater Thursday near midnight, is certainly enjoying the fruits of his Disney years.  Ahh, the precious moment in his life when he was most likely abused by satanic worshippers- and most definitely exposed to sick subliminal , trigger images designed to control him.. and turn him into a human zombie.

All of it was designed to maximize his ability to remember , memorize a script, and read his lines effectively.

The kid made millions from the Transformer films... millions.  Disturbia, and most recently Lawless, with Gary Oldman, are other films he has a major role in.

Severely damaged, it should be fun to see how the High Demon Lord of the Illuminati deals with him.  They will most likely try to frighten him, which would cause his own death.

Before we expand on the illuminati's method of choice - let's have a look at the catalyst.  Shia and Pitt are actually on screen together in the film:FURY.  Reviews have been positive, so it looks like Shia has taken his latest pay day and decided to do some celebrating - solo!!!

Nervous?  You better be, kid. It is going to get worse.  Welcome to Hell.

The illuminati will most likely call upon their number one demon - the Akhenatron, in order to implant evil ghoulish images into his phone's pictures.  The hope is this will be enough, sufficient enough for him to take his own life.  The best example is from The Exorcist IV - The Beginning.
In this film, there is a scene where an archaeologist ( no, not a French archaologist named BELOCH) who is in the desert, collecting butterflies.

He has a nice piece of poster board, and on it, he has pinned up some of the grandest species of dead pupae, and butterfly that he has uncovered thus far.  Ah, such a rare, valuable collection of fine specimens.  He is so proud of his work, his wife, Heather, will be so proud of him.  She could not make the trip as she is giving birth to their first child, whom he is hoping will be a son.  He just penned her a letter , including some names he thinks will fit well.

Then, all of a sudden, the Akhenatron Code is activated.  The butterflies, those that have been pinned to the board, they begin to come to life, flapping their wings, and flying off of the board.

This impossibility is enough for the young man to take his gun and blow his brains out - as he knows there must be another entity or spirit nearby causing this terrorizing event.

So this is what will be done to Shia, before he spills the beans about aliens, and the satanic worship that has the elite in this country hypnotized, so much so that all they care about is getting richer, at the expense of everything that is good, fair and right.

Ah, such a beautiful day!


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