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Sunday, May 31, 2015

American Ultra : Adventureland II Cast in MK Ultra Psy-Op Film From Lionsgate.

Adventureland(2009) also included Stewart, Jesse E. and Grass.  Clearly, in American Ultra (2015), the kids will be faced with a more technical, advanced, ominous coming of age tale.

American Ultra - linguistically it includes the pitch sounds aMeriKan Ultra.  Adventureland maxed out at $17 million on a budget near $1mm.  Lionsgate and its production company partner have chosen to green light a quick and easy film that is a virtual profit locker.


SUPPLEMENT- Including Interview:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..............................:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Without a doubt, this is a bizarre move since Adventureland actually rested on the studio shelf for two plus years before finally getting a late 2009 release.  With marijuana getting headlines at a greater clip recently, looks like LGF is in for pumping out one that has weed, and will not disturb the studios stop loss strategy with respect to financial magement and minimizing bad box office with 20% greater efficiency.

Part I-A
"Lionsgate knows what its doing.  I don't think they've had a double digit downer in years.  They are meticulous in this type of planning.  It is (name omitted), she's been building up LGF's rep as a smart studio.  Personally, I think Eisneberg is an annoying (redacted). Kristen Stewart is cute, though, looks like she is wearng brown eyes in this," an inside source, with close association to LionsGate and three of the five production companies they are using on this film.

Part II-A
He reaches for his Dr. Pepper, spends a full te seconds downing near half, as he softens up the Bronco Blaster Burger he just finished, almost breaking the word record - exactly 1.98 seconds away from taking down a record that has stood for thotyu two years.
"Ya know, this is a stock," he says while using his tongue to tidy up teeth, "Yeah, O own some.  I'm a big stock guy," he says, eyes squinting in a summer sun repel.
"Stock ticker is sometyhing' like cadbur-7up-dr,pepper?  Sonething like that," he says ehiler sizing me up indicatg he is trying to check if I, as he would say, "is" a stock guy, too.
He pulls out his phone, scans the patio reas, tossing a few finger points out to the crown, this guy is popular.  What a great contact/source, I need to buy him more food ( the pro had me pay for his $15 bronco plaster burger with fries and a pair of chili dogs.
"Okay, here it is," he says ca5tching me after I had taken two steps toard the counter.  His beedy little hawk eyes squint up again.
'DPS.  That's the ticket, uh, uhm, I mean ticket - ticker! ticker!" he exclaims smiling and jumping up 3 millimeters fromg the ground.

Editor's Note:  "Cliff" is a well seasoned , veteran employee of the industry.  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has advanced upwatd forty points since May, 2015.  Unlike the public's interest in this Adventureland II: Taking The Pentagon, ,, NOT BAD.

- The .G

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