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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hollywood Hands Horror Throttle To Generation X- Can We Save The Film Industry? Is it Too Late to Fix Shi$ Flowing Waterfulls Filled With Toxic Deforming Corroded Waste? PART 1(b)-2 Insidious III - The Real Story - New Script, Notable Absences by Byrne and Wilson and Universal Pictures Decision to Recoil and Unleash Repercussions For Fu^^ing With Their Cash Cow.

Hi - I am back.  Almost died in a car wreck,  Thought it was an illuminati hit.  Ten days prior to the accident I posted a you tube video - taking a scene from EYES WIDE SHUT [1999].  I zoom in and we can see an ominous, hard faced lizard head looking back with purpose.   Then it looks like an alien -a grey with a big head ( hey I think greys look good, they should not be so insecure).  Either way, that grey was getting paid laid and dancing at the same time. 
It is one of those videos where you say " Okay, you need me to convince you in 30 seconds that all we see is not really what is really real?  It's one of those evidential pieces.

We; I took that fuc%%er down.  As it turns out, I am still in need of evidence to find out how this accident started.

Well,  they tried to kill me - and guess who survived!!!  It's a shame - with the film industry in its current deformed, and shit smelling condition, I kind of wish I did not make it- oh god, especially after spending a few minutes watching OUIJA [2015] and INHERRENT VICE [2014].  Both of these films planyed me with instant ideas of snuffing it - just to get away from how embarrassingly bad the wriyters and directrors of my gneerationm have turned out to be.  If I had not chosen my career on Wall Street- I would be in competition with others from Gneration X- and we would build and film and deliver a fnished project,  Yet,  how much better could my work really be?  Is this era of film going to continue to spike downward due to my career choice?

The answer is yes.  I( recognize that studios and executuive proucers, and producers will mainatain control of the film they are financing- and this stil would not diminish the hyper-intense wave of quality entertauinemnt offering americans a way to peacefully relax and know they will be in for a taste of something that, otherwise, would carry wioiyh it substantial loads of doubt, concern, and feafr 0 the fear of knowing that even though the entire project was shit - it still made over $100mm on a 5 mm budget - and that means new franchise - ASAP.
*** NOTE-  MM=millions,  M=thousands // just some Wall Street slang

Let's look at the INSIDIOUS [2010]2013/2015}
1:  cost, $1.5mm  net revenue:  $97mm *** moving forward we represent as (1.5mm/97mm)
II  cost, $5mm net revenue  $161mm

III  cost, net revenue  {COMING SOON}

With Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne knowing the big ROI ( return on investment) for both 1 and 2 exhibited a crushinbgly high %, the two actors asked for time to wait and think about the news script.  Meanwhile, Universal, well aware they need an Insidious III simly due to the fact they can slide a ticket into a machine that says $5mm - and two years later - they can redeem that ticket, which now says $97 million.  It will be only found in the horror genre - films that can yield astronomically high returns.  Wilson knew he had to get out of any more Insidious related crap.  The first film was actually good - I gave it a stellar review0-= just asking for more of the demon.  In 2, they don't even bring in the demon, and its a BS script.  Byrne too knew Universal had been spoiler her with small gifts - begging her to " make the rigfht choice for the team."

Universal he decome a Universal girls a few years prior and immediately after she filmed II she began principal photography on Neighbors (2014)(18mm/268mm).  Universal also made sure to keep ahead - as they agreed to distribute a stary film no one wanted any piece of "Stretch[2014" again in th wake of II, Universal needed to keep Byrne and Wilson on the board for III.  Wilson finally withdrew and this made it easier for Byrne- both would never work on another film distributed by Universal again... the pitch was easy:
"Who cares if the script sucks and its silly, and kind of embarrassing, it will make us $200mm the quant dept. says.
To close, Universdal proceeded with plan B which I feel is a brilliant plan being advertised all wrong.  For most, Lin Shaye's performances in I + 2 stole the show- and her character became extremely popular.  The new script will take us back to the days Lin waqs slaying and summoning - a look into Lin Shye's greates hits ( obvi, as her character Elise Rainer).  Universal can have a lot of fun with this as we could leanr about all her previous assistants and how they met their unfortunate end.  As for Byrne, who can let a piece of hot acting presence like that walk away?  Quickly, Universal went all in and secured Byrne for Neighbors.  With them pair teaming up for other comedies like "Get him to the greek (2010) (40mm/91mm) and Bridesmaids (2010) (32mm/288mm) Byrne probabaly signed a multi-film deal in the comedy/romamntic comedy sphere). A smart move dor her as she will be able to have two revenue streams, the other being with Fox and the x-men films.
And that is the story of Insidious- I hope they make a good film - how can you fu^^% up a fun look at Lin Shatyesd experiences with the paranormal.  Only a completely sh^$ t  for brains who eats creal out of the toilet bowl can screw that up - or maybe the prosection team donn in Gelveston Texas- the one's who predicted a "slam dunk" in their case against Robert durst who killed a neighbor, chopped up the body and tried to dump them in the bay- withyout notice.  All of this while keeping a false identity as a woman - only because the sexy michell pirro wanted to squeeze durst for the murder of his wife many.,many years before.  THATS HOW DUMB.

I;ve included a pci of Lord Humungus, one of the best looking villains we have been able to enjoy in film.  With Immortan JOe we have another great, freaky villain,

Ahh.. parallels between Darth Vader AND Joe... this is a nice pic.

This is how joe looks before all the enhancements.
George Miller receives the title "MASTERMIND" from Warner Brothers.  The question is - with such a winning formula already resulting in an absolutely positive reaction... why the hell did it take so long to make this film?

Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy ( who asked Mel out to lunch and asked for him to pass the toerch wuth hgus blessing, with Mel replaying that he admired "the kid" and that not to worry- to rock it... plis Mel continued, he had better things to do,,,which is slang in the film industry, here Mel uses it to take a small friendly shot at Hardy- as if to say, I have no interest - my cuyrrent projevtd look better, more promsing, more certain.) and last but not least, the masterful touch of George Miller, casting Hugh Keays Byrnes as the villain... Keays played Toecutter in the later 70's original Mad Max I.  With these three together- a trio f actors almost impossible to lose in a tournament of 3vs 3, this film looks like a winner- and if a quitet, reclusive, dog caring fella causes the car chasing him to crash- and he runs over with a pan to salvage as much of the guzzline as possible - if that is an image that strikes a positive chord in the imagination, then this film may not just be qa winner fror me, but also for you.

We begin with the good news in Mad Max, and we continue chronologuically.  Poltergesit [2015] is finally getting it re-boot.  With the set of the film cursed due to the deaths of major characters, revisiting Poltergeist without a really good script- and actors that can at least match the amazinbg work of JoBeth Williams and CRaig T Nelson, the curse would always win.

Well, all of tht has changed.  Change can be good - it can give us another chance to immerse ourlseves into a place that is real- feels real- and is filmed real.  Change can also be bad - ad Generation X is about to learn if they represent change for the worst.  Here's a alook at how Poltergesit began

It is opening scenes like this one, taken from Poltergeist 1(1982) that establish realism... viewers are accepting to the notion that this is real- and can happen to us.  It's important to keep films real.   I struggle sometimes, unable to watch a movie due to a fantasy block.  This fantasy block halts my ability to play along and to accept and be entertained.  I see the script - line by line, character by character, I see the dialogue and the actors reading it.  This fantasy block vanishes, travels to a dark zone when films can open like this one did in 1982.  Tobe Hooper and Spielberg really should team up- they create movie magic.
Apparently, they pulled the video down.  This scene - and I know I always repeate myself on this- Spielberg is best at creating a setting for his films... no one can mnatch his ability there.  ET and Poltergesit were both released in 1982 and the seetings for bpth films generate a perfect sense of calm, reality, and truthfulness.  Culver City, I believe is the ara that best fits the settings we see in these two films.  A film's setting should not be filmed in the dark- that only foreshadows the director's preference of night filming, a practice I have defined as one that is excessively employed in order to hide the set, hide the action, and hide as much as possible becvause it is just bad bad bad.  Tobe Hooper and Spielberg had to decide if the directo's credit should be given to Spielberg- but both were present each day and used the storyboards Hooper created to inmject life into the script.

A nove;ization had benn written near 1982 and it explores the script while bringing out more detail with respect to specific areas.  Point #1: The Clown.  The Clown plays a much larger role in the book and he is constantly involed as the story develops/  I think this si why the rebootisusing the clown more, they are mostlikley to follw that adapttoin more clsiesly.  James Kahn penned the book and he also did the same for Jedi, Goonoes Temple of Doom, and Poltergesit II.  Much more popular backj in the 80s.  Not sire if you remember this, but if you watcha a film in 80's centered somewhere  wothin  on corporate amerciaa, you will see an executive assistant - and everybody else ( mostly ) without computers on their desk.  I laughed when watchinf a scene from BRAODCAST NEWS [1987] Score: 8.6763 - a very high score. Granted I admired how they stuck with Holly Hunter - and also how everyone in the film is middle aged and single - no marriage, np kids, iyt is great.  Here is my review of P-!:

The Gajonka @Gajonka  ·  Mar 29
G | F| U | Poltergeist. [1982] Score: 8.9939 Williams and Nelson deliver unparalleled performances. Hooper and Spielberg a good set. FUN

"Hey kid.  Let's play with the blender."
Here's a look at the principal poster they have decided to go with.  Not bad, the additional clown content intrigues me - they could do chucky without the "for kids."  As an example, have him a fewe lines of dialogue, very tersse, nothing written for laughs - this will be malefic speech, items like - as he drags the kids into the closet: " let's see if this hurts you." or :I bet you think I am your friend.  Do I look like I want to play a game?"  and " I put all this makeup on to make you kids like me - wanna see what I look like underneath all of this?"
So it ahould be fun.  Cast- I spotted this pic and it captures the full cast or perhaps even the whole family in one sgot:
Oky, I think the little girl is missing ... but that is not what is standing out in this one - a bit bizarre- usually the father, the head of the household is the biggest guy in the pic- here he looks like the oldest son.

Then we have this one.  What would a good film poster be without the word SEX!  See the gajonka's report on how Hollywood will try its best to get the two letters "EX" in a title - this hints at sex and everyone who beliesv the subliminal mind makes decusions for us - well they love titles like " The League of [s]Extraordinary Gentlemen, or , perhaps the absolute worst so far: "What to Exopect When You are {s}expecting"

Well, have a look at this poster:

Do you see what I see on the floor- next to the kid?  Nooooo that's not a teddy bear... if you look from a distance- and slant your eyes... you will see it - comes in perfectly... the guy over at MGM rea;;y is a pro - he/ she really knows how to fet it done and plant a suvliminal messafe nicely.  I will only give the following hint:
It rhymes with :
" a Jock and calls"
Part II This weel - Amityville Remake - news - which mostly l;ooks bad - another film imposiible to fu&^ up,  Ouija and what was wrong with it and why so many people went to see a sh^^ show?
Then we get into Michael Myers finally coming back... oh yes.  I will leave you with somefast thoughts below.  ENjoy- thanks for reading.
The streets of Long Island are covered with trees- so when you drive down the streets you see nothing above you but trees, not sky.

Looking forward - this guy looks like he si going to be so much fun.

Let's hope this does not turn into another meaningless anythihg an happe horror flick.  This is a amasterpiece we are working with- please be carefulo.

Yes, the two who fight for Tawney, the girl who beats up her boyfriends (see Chuck Finley article).  I like this guy on the right because he edu7cates everyone at the party in the simplest way " Uh, yeah,okay people, first , there a re a few ground rules; the first being - ITS PRO_NOUNVED WEEDYA."

-Webmaster 5-20-15 / 12:15 a.m.


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