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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NIGHTCRAWLER FILM REVIEW: ABSURD DIALOGUE EVEN FOOLS CRITICS- 666 NEWS - and the message this crappy film conveys. Score: 5.6746

While this film, written and directed by Dan Gilroy, has a great soundtrack, it misses a fine opportunity to resolve the competitive race between VPN and Mayhem Video.  Gyllenhaal uses dialogue you would NEVER hear from an ordinary person - the fact that he dishes it effectively confirms that Jake G is a fine actor.  Still, it makes for a fake film, one that has been way overhyped.  Jake G even fooled big critics, and if you can imagine this, even received a nomination for Best Actor at the Globes!  Wow - what a joke!
Nightcrawler:  Score; 5.6746  Good soundtrack/score – Lousy 666 News Station Satan Drives a Red Car BS Overload.


There’s a special moment in this film:  “ You can find anything , really, if you look hard enough,” says Gyllenhaal, uhm, wait, I’m sorry, I mean –Louis Bloom., as he stands across and shares a finger fuy&& moment with Rene Russo  in front of a huge 666 upwards, downwards, across, sideways, diagonal back screen at the lowest rated station in L.A. – KWLA- Channel 6.  Ya know, the one with the 666 pyramid sign out front! 

I am one of those who share more with the villains than anyone else, but in this film, which scored, as Imortan Joe would say “mediocre!” there is a moment missed involving the comeback of Mayhem Video’s leader Joe Loder, played by Bill Paxton, who actually loses his southern drawl and plays a great character, for once in a long, long time.

Isn’t it ridiculous how the Chinese Restaurant shootout scene is conveniently located at an all glass facility?  Isn’t that just a bit ridiculous?  These guys have been praised for writing and directing a serious film, but there’s a lot of bullsh&& in here.


In the end, the message Hollywood and everyone involved in this film is sending is driving around looking for dead bodies and death is good and profitable, and you can count on being untouchable and successful if you do it.  So go for it!!!


What a joke.  One good thing about this flick is Gyllenhaal plays a watchable character, although his dialogue is so fake and force fed it is actually amusing how many have been tricked into believing it is a great, award winning type performance.  Another plus is that Dan Gilroy is the writer and director, and we are seeing more writers finally being able to direct the films they envision when they wrote them- as is the case with another satanic gem, The Atticus Institute.  Go writers!

Ho0riible ending, and much overhyped.  Nice music, though.


Go satan!! 666 !!!

What a  joke.


Review compiled by Gajonka Film Universe

Bill Paxton has gone downhill since Weird Science.  Shockingly, he emerges as the best aspect of this film!  He comes across a genuine, and the rivalry between Jake G and Bill P. really could have been expanded, which would have given this film an opportunity to make up for the fake climax that includes an all glass, clear Chinese resto which makes for a perfect opportunity to film... as if they would EVER happen in reality.  Gilroy drops the ball when he has a chance to bring Paxron back, and to illustrate for us what his comeback and attempt at revenge would look like.  With 14 years as a Nightcrawler, I am sure he would know how to strike back.  Sadly, we get none of this, and the fantastic performance put in by Paxton, which, paired with the soundtrack of this film and the lead female detective, are the only positive aspects of this film,  gets wasted... hard.

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