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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Link; River Phoenix- Leaf (Joaquin) Phoenix - Heroin- Phillip Seymour Hoffman...

Exploring the Hoffman death, I ran into some River Phoenix material.  It is clear that Gus Van Sant corrupted River, Rodney Harvey while they filmed "My Own Private Idaho."

So River picked up a bad heroin habit, and its a challenge to figure out what exactly happened that Halloween night at the Viper Room.  Was it a planted bad dose?

Well, we know what happened. Leaf actually called 911- and I heard he jumped on River to help prevent him from hurting himself while convulsing on the sidewalk.

Hoffman and Phoenix worked very closely together on "The Master."  Could they have experimented?

One of the craziest items related to this is what happens during the opening credits of the film "Sneakers."

The director uses anagrams to list each actor's names before flipping it into the real name.  Well, the anagram used for River is:

Viper Heroin X


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