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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hogan had to be bought in order to take a pin-fall loss , center ring, at W 6.

ALTERNATE THEORY: The Akhenatron Code
Toxicology coming soon... it seems as if the business was finally able to get what they wanted from him... the appearance... and that famous RAW speech ( most likely written by McMahon, or a writer hand picked by McMahon) that sets up his death.. very dirty...

Listen to this,, he was actually an amazing guy, had a way of expression... "the video games... the social media.."

The Million Dollar  man points out that wrestling was a means to an end for Warrior... he did not respect the sport or the guys.  So Warrior's view is kind of warped (says he has never played a video game).  We will never get to read Warrior's book - the one he always referenced when popular topics were raised...

Now, everyone on the cover of this Nintendo game is 86'd - except HH, whose "heartfelt mourning" for warrior was a pathetic "RIP, only love."  What a joke.  After listening to Warrior, his stock has spiked and Hogan's has declined. 

And as we know, Bret Hart called him out for knowing only one wrestling move- the clothes- line and body slam (okay, two).  The Warrior always spoke about writing his book - and how it will be the medium where all his interesting stories will be delivered.  Vince and co. did not want him to write that book...

Here he lets us into his weird world, and its kind of cool:

Check it:

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