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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


There is just too much polarity with this one.  Warrior asked if Vince's check would bounce during his speech and he made some bold statements.  Well, I hope he cashed that check for the sake of his amazing wife and daughters.

Warrior even stated he would like to sacrifice the few years he has a left in order to be able to once again live a life back in the ring.

Could be cyanide which The Iceman used and it gives the recipient a heart attack.  He clutched his chest while walking away from the hotel... what was he doing at a hotel... he has a home in AZ... so I doubt he was poisoned at breakfast.

Wow- I never liked Warrior, but after seeing his video on dirty laundry (Hogan), I actually find him amusing and honest.

The WWE got him to sign over some of his rights... giving them the ability to benefit and produce a revenue stream non-existent prior to a few days ago ( Warrior visited HQ in CT, per his HOF speech, and they signed a deal).  So, with the rights gained, and with Warrior now in the HOF, the stage was set for Vince to have his revenge,,,
                                                          ...and he (possibly)got rid of a man who represented a losing experience for Vince ( WWE submitted and gave up the rights to the name Warrior, since they own the rights to all character names, except Hogan and Hulkamania, since Hogan was smart enough to incorporate those terms in his contract.

"I love a fight," Vince told Bob Costas after leaning over and screaming his face off.  Well, he lost this one... and he rarely ever does.

A sloppy sacrifice, so close to W XXX.  Thanks to god they let Jake the Snake Live.  Wrestling really is a dirty business, and in order to benefit from the awards of W XXX and to establish good luck and karma for the WWE Network, they had to make a blood sacrifice, the dark poet asked for a star of substantial worth.  Think about it - between 1983 and 1993 there were only two Champs- Hogan and Warrior (Okay, maybe Macho).  This is awful news...

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