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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Truth The Ultimate Warrior Heart Attack The Illuminati: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED...


Truth be told, even though the circumstances aim guilt toward Vince and foul's a relief to know there is one area of the world where the illuminati has ZERO power.

Even though Vince will use pyramids to please his sponsors, the illuminati are about as effective as Steve Lombardi, Iron Mike Sharpe, Corporal Kirchner, and Hillbilly Jim ( a fave).  The Illuminati despise this fact, but they are just going to have to eat it up, and deal with it.

This is what really happened to Jim.  He did make the WWE lose (in court)- he just wanted his gimmick, why would the WWE want to strip that from someone? Greed... and while there had been agreement in place that secured revenue for both Vince and Jim, he was not killed.  Well, sort of...

Ultimate Warrior removed himself from the business 20 years ago.  He left that life behind, and since he had no friends other than Sting, he never exposed himself to it, for 20 years. Even admitted he never watched it anymore.

 Yes, he did some videos, but from the comfort of his couch.  This was one of the biggest acts in wrestling... and for him to isolate himself from the sport, for so long, well, a build up accrued and it all came down on W XXX weekend.

It was the concentrated feeling, the natural high he received from seeing everyone reach out to him, and show their respect, this is what killed him,  Plus, he knew his family would be provided for... and he just was overcome with joy... 2o years of hiding... 20 years of friendships - ALL PACKED INTO THREE DAYS.

It is too much... and it would kill any man... even an ultimate warrior.

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