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Monday, December 2, 2013

Coming Soon: Fast X, FF-11, Fast Fifteen ... this franchise could have gone on and on and on and on.... there was no stopping it.

Anyone else notice how fast  production began after Fast 5, Fast 6 and on into this summer's principal photography for Fast 7??? <no pun intended>

Nothing can recently compare with the success of this franchise, and the quite simple film model its been based upon.

An interesting director in Wan, and a handful of OK actors who will never ever receive any type of acting nomination ever across all their cumulative careers. ,although Dwayne "Rock" Johnson showed promise - especially in his role for "Pain and Gain," he was hilarious.

It seemed like this would be an easy money maker for the studio syndicate - headlined by Universal.

Now, prospects do not look so bright.

Strange how  these guys let their friends control their lives --- they sit there and let these guys who are worth 1/10 of their value, and they let them drive around with their lives.  Whys is Walker getting into this bozo's Porsche and letting him drive around like a fucking race car driver -- for fun?  Stars need to think twice about EVER letting someone like that drive them around.  They were probably both high and buzzing after hours of drinking at the typhoon benefit.  WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS AT CHARITY EVENTS LIKE THESE? DO YOU THINK ITS A SOBERING SET OF HOURS WHERE EVERYONE HOLDS HANDS, WATCH VIDEO AND LISTEN TO VICTIM COMMENTARY>?

Hell no - people drink,drug and party - that';s what is has always been about.  Nothing wrong with that - but this idiot should have had his driver ready for him afterward.

Walker  was kind of annoying as an actor - I found him to be a straight script reader with an irritating twang of some type.  Still, too bad he;s gone.  I heard he was dating a 16 year old for the past  7 years... sick? or smart? (obvi, the girl is 23 now).

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