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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Greats: Where Are They Now ?

Mark Holton - what a great actor.  Taken off the roster and placed on the shelf rack - the one never referred to - we all must suffer.

I recently viewed "Leprechaun I" a great film.  I love how the Leprechaun has a habit of shining shoes - a trait abandoned in the rest of the films - big mistake.  Instead they made Warwick Davis rhyme when he speaks - awful results yielded there.  (*Note, WWF Films is releasing a re-boot with Horswooggle, their house midget, as the title character for "Leprechaun: Origins."  It's a good premise, we'll see if they do anything smart with it.  Well, Holton plays a great role in that film, as Ozzie.

Sorry about these double pics - just refer to the one on the left side.  Holton also played Fat Stuff in the Teen Wolf films, acting as the only common link between the two films.

Anyway, Holton is hilarious in Leprechaun 1 and also in Pee Wee I.  Why is this guy not in more films?

He finally received a starring role as JW Gacy in "GACY," but after that his appearances have faded.

It's too bad, we need more heavy-set actors - entertaining!

Here's to Mark Holton - if you need an agent, Mark, call the Web Master.


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