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Thursday, December 19, 2013

UNLOCKED! MAN OF STEEL Appraisal and Thoughts Regarding Shannon as Zod - Joaquin Phoenix to play Lex Luthor - Can't we Get a Better Villain? Does Clark Kent Need to be a Reporter? Ownership Rights and what they mean...

Shannon started off slowly - but he hit it hard with "You've taken my soul from me... and now I;m going to..."
Well, sun worship images and all, the "Man of Steel" review is here.  While Loki copied the infamous line "Kneel before Zod!" I am disappointed they did not use it.  This phrase and way of thinking is great - and Shannon would have been more of a prick if he were able to throw the line around.

Obviously, this project had been surrounded by critics - Zack Snyder took a big job, that came with alot of BS - along with a huge payday. He chops up the story, and tries to make things occur faster in order to neutralize any and all negative feedback.

I enjoyed Russell Crowe here - and it's too bad the third Kryptonian's face was ot used - such a waste.

Not a big fan of the finish... what are the odds you can fight up in space - near a satellite - and then come down in the exact same city - Metropolis.

I wish these people would get darker with these stories.  Another UFO prep, too, oh boy.

In  the end, I actually enjoyed "Superman Returns" perhaps a little more than this, but I am very happy that the studio got it right when they brought Snyder in (although that chick flick he made prior, carries questions) and also by bringing in Shannon - they showed a stroke of genius.

Now, building upon the momentum, they are tryiong to get JP to come in as Luthor.  I would go with Chris Walken.
Man of Steel also lost big points for too much US military involvement - Meroni saying "This man is ont our enemy!: Then HE flies the plae - and the dialogue wa all fake - with the general whipping out "black hole" like he has any idea.  FAKE!  I am looking forward to studying the subliminals in this film.
Score:  7.4982  Love Shannon in this, but again, disappointing.  Thank god - a Superman flick WITHOUT LEx Luthor who is WAY overrated like alot of the Marvel Villains are.  All the talent is skewed toward the good guys - and it is a BIG, BIG problem.

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