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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When Jurors Get It Wrong - The Best of The Worst States. Plus The Juliana Redding Case

The state of Florida dropped the ball with the Casey Anthony verdict - but received a pass due to how suspicious George Anthony had been and the likely possibility that this was a drowning - with George knowing his wife lived for the little kid - and he would lose his meal ticket if she drowned on his watch.

Then along comes Zimmerman.  No one should be driving around with a gun looking for action.  Florida fu#**ed up again - as we see GZ getting arrested 3x since his acquittal.

But we have to travel to Cali to obtain one of the worst cases of juror incomepetence.  It is associated with the Julianna Redding case - the young hotty who slept with almost anyone who had money or film connections - and her personality , I guess, didn't jive well with the jury - they obviously did not like her too much, if they let her killer walk.

Interesting story - Redding starts banging a rich immigrant, and he buys her cars and and a house.  Then, she ditches him, and he goes and pays off his "female James Bond Villain Type" sort of like a female Jaws.

The encounter must have been something for the ages.  Redding in her apartment, probably texting with six guys - all of whom she is sleeping with.  All of a sudden - a knock comes at the door.  Bam.

Julianna's world is at its end as a six foot emforcer-Chinese American 43 year old power house begins to beat the shit out of her.  Her name is Kim Pak (I think).

Similar to Bond facing off against Jaws, Redding had to deal with this chick.

Interesting how Richard keil, who played Jaws, a villain good enough toappear in multiple Bond films, including a fave of mine: "Moonraker," looks like Michael Shannon.

Anyway, Pak turned the gas stove on - flipped out the pilot light ( so gas only flowed through the house ) and she lit a candle,all of this after she strangled Redding and left her dead on her bed. So when the door opened, the O2 would spark a big explosion - or something to that effect.  It didnt work - and all the dna evidecence had been preserved.

Pak's DNA was all over Redding, the stove,the phone, everywhere.  Interesting note that Redding's phone showed an outbound call to 911- so she tried to call in but Pak wasn't having it.

Even with Pak's DNA evidence everywhere - the jury acquitted Pak!  Can you believe this?

Goes to teach you girls a lesson - be careful when dealing with rich married guys who want you - bad.  I guess they can not only buy a Lambo for a bday gift- but also a jury for the chick who did the dirty work.

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