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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Most Under-Appreciated Vs. Over-Rated ACTORS! Plus More Black and White Clothing in Film...

The reason why Paul Walker never leaped to top billing is because of his acting range- limited.  He also could not alter his speech.  What he did have going for him was his last name.  Hollywood loves to use the last name Walker, and Farraday.  David is the first name always used in big films - always for the wunderkind.

Was Walker under appreciated?  No

Over rated?"  No.

Over appreciated?  No.

Watch the film "Takers."  With Matt Dillon as the headliner ( marketing, poster, dvd case, etc...) Dillon only comes in around seventh in screen time ( thus they used Dillon as the draw- to see what it could do - this was after "Armored." I will issue a study on how Hwood works this - and tests methods out in order to maximize revenue via light manipulation.  "Takers" is a "Heat" copy - but with less detail, and purpose.  Walker's character is simple.  Like he was.

Now, let's look at the title.

Most Under Appreciated

Crispin Glover:  Admits he works to fund his own projects.  Pioneer in making film law ( Unable to reach a deal for BtoF II, the studio said "fu@* it! We'll throw make-up on the gimp!" As a result, Glover pursued litigation and studios can no longer cheat by slapping make-up on a gimp to make them look like the real actor who costs 100% more.  Glover is a great actor and even though he was annoying as hell in "Teachers" I still think he needs to work more and accept more scripts - he needs to remember - HIS PRESENCE ALONE in the film will boost its quality.  Glover nees to give himself more credit - I can understand how he hates the process, being bossed around, told what to wear, what to say, but he needs to step-up and bring it-- we rarely get actors like Ledger, him, and the below.

Armand Assante:  Surprising that he has been a lifer - with origins linked to Kristy McNichol and Matt Dillon in "Little Darlings."  Assante is a great artist - he sort of flat-lined during "American Gangster," the perftct role for him, but he could not break-through the struggle he had with having played Gotti so well - he needed to create and distinguish this new mob figure - and it came across extremely light, and messy (e.g.: dairy farmers).  Just saw he was in "Judge Dredd," ( so many funny aspects to the it-watching it now - incredible how young Diane Lane looks and how off Stallone looks with blue eyes - and stilts - making him appear taller.- but more on that later).  As Assante was cast in a headlining villain role there - I'd love to see him do more of that.

Frank Langella:   While Langella does receive mass praise, I still feel he should be getting the same type of work Max Von Sydow did during the same age frame.  Langella's Skeletor turned a horrible film into something to care about.  Just for accepting that role I love the guy.  Nice job as Zabel in Wall Street II.  Pictured here in 'The Box," one of my favorite films in the "Fader" category - starts with a ten and spiral sout of control down the toilet.  Langella again gives the film edge.

Matt Dillon:  They finally gave Dillon a way overdue nomination for his role in "Crash," and he should have won.  Dillon is another lifer, and he isone of the good things about Hollywood. Unlike Walker - he has massive range.  Check him out in "Something About Mary," its one of the funniest performances - EVER.

Stiller:  Where you goin?

Dillon: Uhh, I'm leaving - I, uh, got a job down there."

Stiller: Really? Where?

Dillon:  Uh, well, uih, Rice- A -Roni...

Stiller:  Isn't that the San Francisco treat?

Diller:  Heh, uh,yeah, they're expanding...

Richard Crenna:  The best elitist villian in the business!  Who can forget Crenna's work as Al Pellet in "Summer Rental," as he storms into the Lobster Inn restaurant, blowing by a line out the door, no need for reservations, and oh, "We'll all have the lobster!"  Then he kills again as Mr. Brody in "The Flamingo Kid."  Too bad he wasn't able to get more roles like these, or maybe I need tohave a look at his filmography.  One of the best.

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