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Monday, December 9, 2013

James Gandolfini - Big Loss Incurred By Already THIN Hollywood Roster. Plus, Foreshadowing in "Killing Them Softly."

As we know, Hwood recycles the same actors over and over again.  A restricted roster of actors is only one of many other BIGGER problems.  (As an example - look at how Ben Kingsley was cast as the Villain in the recent Iron Man film.  Really?  Ghandi?  C'mon!

James Gandolfini's role in True Romance had been the perfect fit for him - a low level capo in the mafia.  He did not belong in the role of being Don for any crime family.

I was shocked he received a role in "Where the Wild Things Are."  Actors are used for their appearance and their talent on screen - not for their voices.  Thus, using actors in voice roles is a huge waste.

JG would have gone on to make hundred of movies - it never stops for these actors.

Interesting to note that there is a scene in "Killing Them Softly" where B Pitt and JG's character, "Mickey" a hit man from New York ( good casting, good role, and he worked well during his opening scene - trolling through the airport with one of those annoying pieces of baggage that has wheels). In that scene - JG and BP both sit at a table in a bar - and Gando is seen pounding martians - about 4-5 drinks - and Bpitt even notes that he should slow down.  So here we have art imitating life - as Gando probably enjoyed the drinking scene and suggested it to the director, since he would not be pretending so much, since it had been reported that he was drinking like  fish in Rome before his heart attack.
Anyway, here's to Gandolfini, a big loss for an industry that really needs help.  Hiding faces and aliens on screen may be not be the answer- perhaps its time to bring those hidden pics out and maybe we could get some good film.

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