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Sunday, May 25, 2014

THE ELLIOT RODGER - SHOOTER - ILLUMINATI - AMERICAN PSYCHO 80'S MUSIC -American Psycho in the Flesh - 80's Music - Illuminati ? BMW- THE SECRET

New:  How about this:  "My father didn't even deign to give me a phone call.  Instead, he sent me a letter wishing me happy birthday and telling me he wanted me to apologize to Soumaya, which of course I refused to do." (page 71- fourth para from bottom)
Brrr... getting chilly... cold shoulder.

Elliot felt his other friends were weak - when he asked them " how can you settle for this, this injustice?"
\"I focus on my strengths," James replied

Elliot reflected on these as well, realizing he had none.

How can he not be able to figure out the missing link?  His mindset was that of a figher...

"I was back in the U.S., this is where my fight was."

Those guys were weak, I do not settle, I fight back.

Page 72:  "Both of my friends James and Philip seem to be the weak, accepting type, whereas I am the fighter. I will never stand to be insulted, and I will eventually have my revenge, against all those who insult me, no matter how long it take."

I'll give the kid credit for his taste in music.  Outside of that - he appears to have been blinded by the enormous wealth that surrounded him... making his existence appear a bit sub-par.  When compared to the rest of the states, his gig was actually solid.  He was bound by Isla Vista ( the ultimate beach/college village- loaded with blonde girls, the object of his desire), and he could not tolerate the weather getting warmer, with more and more couples heading outside to enjoy the weather.  As the weather spiked the frequency of him spotting couples, and even - at this point it had gotten so far as an irate hatred for seeing kids his age with others, just friends, hanging out-- burned him bad... so it became too much, and he knew it would just get worse for him and the vivid imagination he could not harness. He could not control it- and the constant interfacing with others- couples, it became too much.

I'm on page 77 of his 137pager - not one grammatical error. Elliot was a genius- he kept a diary - he also was one of those lonely souls who sat in Barnes and Nobles all day. 

Elliot did not play crazy gun-filled video games - although he did soak up months of time, consecutive at points, while playing World of Warcraft online. Again, he was never any good... even in the karate class he took - younger kids would make fun of him because he was still a white belt, while they donned brown belts.  So - we see the first gun buy in December, 2012 - the Glock semi-automatic.

Prior to the "Day of Retribution," Rodgers would toss warm latte's on couples, and once, he even drove to Walmart - and filled a super-soaker with orange juice- returning to the park - where he sprayed the players of a co-ed game of kickball .

"My Favoriye 80's Station."

His You tube videos have multiple cool 80s songs playing while he drives around the 'hood solo.  Promises, Promises, by NAKED EYES, Higher life by Steve Winwood, and then of course, the Police.

Then there's "Walking on Sunshine," and Phil Collin's "Cant Hurry Love."  Then we have the staples:  more main stream George Michael and Whitney Houston.

Remember American Psycho?  Phil Collins?  Huey Lewis?

Each of these songs have a meaning to this kid.

The date is 5-23-2014, I don't see anything yet.  More to come on this, as the manifesto should be interesting.  This is an awful event, the kid should have had at least one friend?  Who were the three dudes in his apartment he killed? His roommates friends, probably.  IN his life story he mentions he would start with them, and then trick other "good looking people" into his room and KO them with a hammer- slit their throats, and torture the sexually active ones.  It's  a shame, their should be some kind of way for these kids to make friends- he clearly had issues communicating... I sense he had no sense of humor.. but as I read his tale (with perfect grammar and "superb" mechanics" it makes me laugh - his story is similar to many people's lives - he is a funny kid - talented as a writer - too bad his old man didn't appear to give a shit other than to buy him "The Secret."

B/T/W it is completely BS how LA has an 80's station and NY does not.

Here with his sister, Georgia, and his old man.  Elliot, although somewhat bright, had tons of time to think and "meditate" as he writes.  He dropped the ball because he could have used this VIP event - as an ice breaker - to invite someone to join him.  This entire tragedy could have been avoided if someone would have introduced this idea to him, IMO.

Again, all the music he chose to play while filming on the road - all of the songs have special meaning - the lyrics are all related to "love," "HIGHER LOVE" "CANT HURRY LOVE"  "Promises , Promises" is a good one - I've inserted the link for the video below. Great tune.

Here's the Naked Eyes video:

His other videos are quite entertaining - the kid is hilarious - I have not seen the sinister "retribution" video as that, as it were, appears to have been taken down.

The ultimate gentlemen with a sense of style... I think he should have been more involved - and isolation is a killer.  He notes that a beautiful environment is the ultimate hell when you must endure and experience it alone.  He was exposed to all of these things - to him - it felt like he had to watch his girlfriend get banged by another guy - constantly - and that's painful.

Here's the "retribution" video.

It gets cut-off at the 7 minute mark and re-starts. Hmm....
Now they are muting the videos so the music does not get out.  Disgusting.

Here's his Life Story:

Excerpts Worthy: "I wish I had the confidence to go up to one of the hot blonde girls and ask them for a date, but they would have seen me as a creep. Girls are so cruel."

Elliot's "Rap," His Grand Strategy to Score- at least a SINGLE ??? ( The Real Cause)


So far, it has been confirmed that he does not approach girls - he simply  makes public appearances, whether it is sitting in Barnes and Nobles for 8 hours ( can you imagine?), walking the neighborhood streets for two hours, which evolved into driving as he received his "license to drive."

This is how girls behave- they want MEN to approach them.  I used to act the same way as Elliot... but I learned to block out any and all uncomfortable encounters that would trigger my vivid imagination - and I realized that the only way to get girls is to go to a bar, drink, and be proactive.  Remember, beer goggles,,, while I have a problem doing anything solo ( I have to be seriously medicated to go see a movie by myself, though it would be at 2pm on a weekday), I ma sure ER could not do solo gigs at a bar either, and this has pretty much been illustrated.

If there is one positive that results from all of this - Elliot writes of  / and describes a massive slaughter  - with a body count at the sorority house alone that would reach 50.  So , in a sense, there should be relief that the real American (half Asian/half brit mix) did not act on any more sinister plan that would wipe out persons reaching the double, triple digits.

First grammatical error (page 99 of 141): "I am the image of beauty ad supremacy." 

Second grammatical error - page 105:  "he r efused to talk to me ever again." (sic) * sic means - the entry is entered as is - or as the author had entered it.

Third grammatical erro - page 110:  "I didn't even  bother to register for college classes th at semester." (sic). (There is a similar spacing issue on the same page, but we will give the benny of just one.

FOURTH grammatical error: another minor key-stroke error with the space bar.  He definitely getting sloppy.  To go 100 pages without a mistake in mechanics, structure, or grammar, is impeccable... but now we are looking at 4/f within 13 pages!!
Fourth--->  page 113/141: In re: to the second trip to England with his Momma and Sis:  "At first, I didn't want to go, knowing that I w ill feel miserable about going on a vacation without a girlfriend to experience it with me, along with the shame of having to once again appear to my relatives, in a fashion that I was unsatisfied with."  A bit of a run-on sentence, but we'll give him a pass.

So -0- errors pp1-99
4 errors pp. 100-113.
Place your bets , will this breakdown continue?  Spell check can only do so much.

Fifth grammatical error: "I'm sure he had a lot to say th at made Grandma Jinx proud."
page 114.141

Six :  page 117; "Merc edes..."  again these are not even spelling mistakes. Just space bar debacles unable to be captured by spell-check.  Still, we are seeing his story become riddled with  mow profile mistakes completely absent over the first 100 pages.

Seven- The second real spelling mistake

Eight - an adjective absence found on page 71, actually I can't recall the page - I knew I should have written down, but it was late, and I wasn't feeling so chipper.

Two run -on sentences.

If I was grading this paper , I would give him the following score - out of 10.

Score:  9.1007
Excellent vocabulary range.  Nice fluid writing.  Excessive use of I, and unnecessary repetition in places hold this back.

CLIP NOTE from Survivor Type at LUNATIC

"I , in all my magnificence and power."
Clearly, he read a lot of self empowerment books.
Played 700 bux in lotto.
Like me, he has a vivid, intense imagination... unable to block out the feelings. Every time he saw a couple he interpreted it as another guy banging his girlfriend - that was the feeling.

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