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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Maleficent's horns are not the only ones in the film.  The tiny, digital CGI fairies also have their own sets of little horns, although the fairies are quick.

Hell, I have my own football sized BULL in my office.  The reason I purchased it had been because I believed in what it stood for, I was confident in what it represented; a strong stock market, a powerful country, highly intelligent corporate leaders wise enough to make the right calls, and lead our economic advance.  The Bull represents all of this, it is a symbol of prosperous times, and economic success.
Follow the Broadway trail all the way south, passing Wall Street on your left, continue to the fork, or rather BULL in the road, which rests at the crossroads of Broad and Broadway, and you will find the current home of Manhattan's big bronze bull.  Individuals with high self esteem will give the Bull a pat on its head for good luck.

 It represents a mindset of confidence, a positive bullish perspective and outlook on bright achievements, positive progress, and capital gains baby! The United States economy represents all of this.. as long as the debt can be managed, and leaders are ethical and honest, we can have a fair market.  I shelled out $100 for a 40 pound , gold painted beauty, just like the one shown above.  Things have changed... in more ways than one.  There is something far more sinister taking place which has warped the perception listed above. 

Even though we have had an extraordinary run up in the stock market, there still remains an element of people who prefer to be bears.  They profit from the market declines. Since only about 10% of the U.S. population can short the stock market ( via an ETF, or individual names) this places a big gap between those who can, and those who cannot - to expand, have a look at the most common investment instrument found within average American's retirement plans; mutual funds.  You can't short stocks in mutual funds, so 85% of the country have their life savings, or their retirement monies invested in mutual funds.  This is great for the elite because they can come in and short the market, and take advantage of that 10% to 90% breakdown... massive profits need only be split between a small, select few.  When the market collapses, there are people selling stock... most of the time these people will be the elite - and they will be selling stock they don't have.  It's a bearish view.  It's dirty business, ,too.  Why not let everyone play fairly? Why do the elite need an advantage?

Back in 1999, Raging B was a popular stock market website ( OFFERING MESSAGE BOARDS, AND MARKET DATA).  Prior to the stock market collapse in March, 2000, it even had its IPO and all was well - this being the TECH BUBBLE.  This was a time when it didn't matter if a company had office building, or even employees. All that mattered, and all that was required for a stock to make a killing on IPO day, was enough start-up money to secure the website, its maintenance, infrastructure and content. You have to remember, back then, the world was punch drunk in love with the idea that as long as a company has an Internet presence, it would make millions of dollars.  This is because fit shoppers would no longer have to leave the comfort of their own home, they could travel a virtual mall, and send money just by a click of the mouse.  It was all brand new, and this initial euphoria caught on like influenza.  This also indirectly contributed to obesity in this country as it was o longer REQUIRED to have to leave your house, and make a public appearance to... buy a book for example.  This could be accomplished from the couch. A lot could be done from home, so long as the fridge was stocked, there would be no stopping this buying frenzy!!!  In closing, went bankrupt, had to delist from the Nasdaq stock exchange, and is now privatehly held, with a user interface 1/100th as dazzling as it was... even all these years later.

So next time there is a stock market crash, or heavy decline ( we will not experience another 2008 type collapse because stocks pay dividends now that are sized up hundreds and hundreds of basis points above and beyond the current one year or five year rate of return YOU CAN EARN on cd's OR MONEY market mutual funds.  This makes the stock market the best place to invest your money, and it also makes it unprofitable to exit.  Now, if rates were to rise in a meaningful way, which they should, then investors will have something to think about... opportunity cost will come into play.

It is this elite, this illuminati who have the advantage,  They even have the regulators brainwashed into thinking what they are doing is ethical.  They put it to the SEC that "Oh, and you will explain to the 90% that you are protecting them, that it is risky to short the market, and you will remind them and prey upon their thinking of 'plus, who wants the market to go down, anyway' this is what you will do to lock up this system so that we are the only ones who are able to control profits on the downside."  In return, the elite use their money to demonstrate their power.  The Unites States is not a democracy, it is an OLIGARCHY, the power is resting with a small group of people, the elite who have the wealth.


After 9/11, the old illuminati guard lost control.  It had been wrestled from them by their sons, the next generation of illuminati.  Even though the old guard created one of the most terrifying, evil, demonic images of Satan ( here, Tim Curry as the red beast incarnate from the 1985 film "LEGEND.") the old guard employed a strict occult practice.  It was only important to them - and they would only apply their invasive methods with a subtle hand on the till.  This all changed beginning with 9/11, as gradually , each year, the subtle hand on the till transformed into a deformed , evil CLAW spraying a KEG at full BLAST for all to see, for all to hear, and for all to drink...

So we have an ironic set of events... we have the Bears controlling all profit potential on the downside, where they are able to divide it up between a number that is capped, since there are only so many wealthy, where there is an infinite level of poor on the other side of the spectrum.  In an interesting twist, the symbol of power for these people is not the Bear, since we do not see a Bronze Bear down at Broadway and Broad Street, it is indeed the BULL!

The Bull is the Beast, he is the beast with HORNS...and he most closely personifies the Baphomet, the image sometimes assumed by the devil himself, Satan.  The people in charge now are different then their parents.  Before 9/11 the occult method dominated.  Occult simply means, hidden.  Their agenda was to remain hidden, and would be known only to those in the know.

The Phantom Menace's release in 1999 introduced one of my favorite villains; Darth Maul.  Plenty of modestly sized horns here, on a face that screams "Lucifer."

The best example is what happened in La Cosa Nostra {"Our Thing"}, particularly the emergence of John Gotti in making the Gambino's the most powerful crime family in the world.  Carlo Gambino, the Boss of Bosses had all the wealth, and he had all the power, but in order to preserve this he knew he would have to be smart about it.  He kept the truth hidden, lived in a modest home, and dressed average.  When he passed the torch to his son in law, Fat Paul Castellano, this angered Gotti, who was from the younger generation and when he had money he spent it, and he made some noise doing it.  If someone had to get whacked in the public view, then he got whacked.  Keeping things tightly wrapped, and hidden were not of his concern.  Fat Paul found out Gotti didn't like him when he took five bullets in front of Spark's Steak House one cold winter night. This paved the way for Gotti to become Boss. When he did he bought the most expensive suits drove in the best cars, he let it be known who had the power, and who could extert the power.  This was against the wise teachings,,, and against the method that had proved successful in keeping la cosa nostra alive and well for hundreds of years.

Well, it only took a matter of years before Gotti drove la cosa nostra, and everybody with it, into the ground with a big, bloody bang! La Cosa Nostra Was Dead.

Perhaps this should be a lesson the the illuminati.  You are out of control.  Return to your occult ways.  Well, I doubt they will heed this advice.  Let's have a look, visually, at how they have been lurking behind the throne, and how they always keep their symbols out there, especially the beloved BULL and HORNS of the BAPHOMET aka - the 666 beast ( I will not be inserting a picture of the baphomet on this piece).  After pyramids and triangles, and all seeing eye, and the black cube and hexagon, the bull and horns are next on the list.  Just a quick note on 666 and monster energy drink;s ridiculous log (if you need a stock to short, that's a good one - it is backed by the elite who keep funneling money into the company just to keep the 666 logo out there... I don't know anyone who drinks that crap - and it really is a limited market - there isn't much potential there.  Rather, even with non-existent sales which are most likely fabricated, they keep the company going just to keep the logo out there - and suck up all the energy they can get from that.  It is working, a few days ago I saw one of the stickers slapped onto a person's mailbox! Wow!  Anyway, moving on...

You will see their power stretches across a diverse landscape. One of the more eye opening events took place at the house of representatives recently, where the stenographer took to the mike at the end of the session to call out Free Masonry ( the magic arm of the illuminati) by warning her colleagues that they should not serve two masters.  She was referring to how each and every person there worships the devil, but does not openly share this ( not yet) or that perhaps Aliens are involved  more closely than we think. Here's the video - rare exposure at such a high level... bless this woman for standing up to what is happening to us:

Red Bull Energy Drink is produced by an Autrian Company; Red Bull GMBH.  Founded in 1987, the product first arrived in the USA via California, in 1997.  The owners of the company are listed at #250 on Forbes; list with a net worth of $4 billion.  The company's headquarters is located in a small city with 1500 inhabitants.  The HQ building does not have a logo of any kind, and it is well guarded.  Another sketchy slice on this shady organization is that they do not grant interviews.  Yeah, that is normal.  Red Bull is "JOLT" on steroids. It has become a substitute for coffee on a massive scale.  The younger generation drinks it rather than coffee and it has become a ingredient in one of the most popular spirit drinks on the circuit - vodka redbull.

The Immortals, released on 11-11-11 is the film that started it all for me.  It was the first film I discovered hidden images, demons, aliens,  As we can see, Mickey Rourke"s battle helmet gets right to the point.  Over the top.
Battle Mode: 

Another look at King Hyperion's battle helmet.  This thing kicks ass. As we will see, Immortals is a special illuminati film.

Wow- yesp - ee are going in this direction.  Hyperion enjoys castrating his male prisoners so he can have unclouded conversations with them about what he wants to here - each is given a post which is designed to yield information to him.  "You know what they used to do to traitors?"  As for the friendly bull, or custom-designed oven,   this is where Hyperion stores his female prisoners.  The flame is lit, their mouths are sealed shut, and its Bake at  600 for 3 hours or until golden brown.  For  a crispier crust, keep on flame -keep flame on overnight... just awful.                                                                                                                      
Let's not forget Batman. We know Bat ears are not horns, but they sure look like them.
Hellboy cut his horns so he could blend in with society.  There really  was no question of whether or not this film was going to get made. Just a matter of when, and how many sequels.
Here's another Minotaur from the film "Time Bandits."  This is the classic take, similar to Mad Max III, Beyond Thunderdome.

Here we have another Minotaur, seen in "Anchorman 2" "Mad Max III" "Time Bandits" and "Your Highness."  This is Hyperions right hand man when castration day rolls around.

Hollywood certainly plays up the bull and horn symbolism.  Here are some more images that play on the imagery, this sacred imagery.

Here are some more Minotaur:

Yes, this is getting out of hand.  Meaningless insertion of a horned creature- any chance they can get.  It's cheap, and it getting annoying.  Above we a scene from Anchorman 2, and just above is a bust pic of the Mino used in Your Highness ( an enjoyable film that also used a wall of eyes -an aggressive move by the new leaders of the illuminati - tossing occult out the freaken window, since those those eyes are used in all films, hidden, of course.  They are fooling everyone - except me, it seems).

Here we go:

One of the best scenes in Time Bandits is the scene with the OGRE who has a bad back.  The exploring little people convince him to get on his back... so he they can stretch him out good.  They fix his back, then throw him over the side of the boat.


The next generation of illuminati leadership is most certainly behind the costume decision-making on this one.
Talk about excessive, how big and nasty do Loki's horns really need to be?  I guess they need to make up for what falls short with the actor that plays him.  Make the costume scary, that will help offset the weakling who plays the role.

More Thor:

Anthony Hopkins - we love him. Sadly, more than anyone he has been unknowingly forced to play
the evil parts dished out by the illuminati.  Here he plays Thor's father, and wouldn't ya know, he has horns, too!


A fine film with one of my favorite villains, the General,  This film has a FAWN in it and he is just completely loaded to the gills with hooves, horns, and just an illuminati wet dream of symbolism.  This image is sufficient in letting you know that YES, there are horns in this film.


I feel bad picking on the beats from "WHere The Wild Things Are."  Here we have it though, in the flesh, another majotr star sporting horns. What would we do without horns, would Hollywood stop making movies?  Well, with the level of quality they are producing it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to take a break.  They can't even come up with innovative new ideas, they have to recycle old ones.  This point is critical though. as we have children, our kids have never seen Footloose or Red Dawn, films we cherish, so the idea is to make the same films, and create a reliable revenue stream sourced from the new sets of eyes who have not seen the film.  One of the reasons why the illuminati have accepted reproduction, and have not activated any of their more sinister plans.... yet.


Almost forgot about the gatekeeper.  Well, yes, he has horns too.  Anyone who does not have horns must be dealing with extreme levels of psychological issues, feeling of inadequacy. Such a dismal disease... get yourself some horns!


The Breakfast club is one of the funniest films ever made.  Its films like these that give Hollywood flexibility - because there is always the hope they will come up with another gem like this one.  The devil horns hand gesture is rampant in the music industry - but here's one I found.


Here's Hellboy in his normal look.  Notice he is a hero in these films. Good one!


New for 2014, a film called Horns with Harry Potter!  Zzzzz definitely not going to see this one.


Sometimes Hollywood will have to deal with a problem, if the chasracters in the film does not have horns (rats!) how the hell are we going to incorporate the symbolism we need in there to show homage to the Baphomet? Well, a tried and true method has been used and we find it in every single motion picture released- to this day.  Whether it is a set of horns positioned ona  car like Boss Hog's Cadillac, and what we will see in Transformers 4, or if it simply a  bull statue well positioned in a restaurant (Sideways has a nice little bull located at the entrance of the restaurant where Miles gets drunk) the bull and horns will be there... wheew! Thank life!  Also, a set of bull horns can very easily be mounted to the wall. In RUDY, the coach has a giant set of bull horns mounted to the wall even though Notre Dame's mascot is not a bull, a ram, a goat or a set of horns.  We will see that Horns are a staple of the sporting industry.  The picture above is taken from the wall in the film DODGEBALL.


Here we have the logo of logo's.  We will exit the world of Hollywood for a bit.  In the corporate world and in the sports world, it may shock you to learn how many of these entities use the bull or use the horns.  Let's have a look at the institutions that kneel down before satan by making this a symbol of their lives.


The leader of the pack: Merrill Lynch. Be bullish is their motto - meanwhile they probably short the market at any moment they can in order to profit from the inequities that exist - the discrimination that exists within the financial industry.


Brand new BBQ sauce blend.. Bull's EYE - this incorporates two sacred symbols of Satanism. Since satan has one eye, we see the one eye symbolism at an even higher level than the bull and the horns.  The one eye is a symbol of satan and as much as I'd like to bring in the images we see of the one eye in Hollywood films, that will be for another day.  This is Bull day. Horn day.


Ahh, the precious ride of all rides... typical we see the Bull here. Thank goodness Ferrari doesn't play this game.


Based in Denmark, NN is a pharmaceutical company that claims to have been in business for 90 years.  I bet their logo is only about five years old... that's for damn sure!


Both of these companies are publicly traded, Meritor was spun out of Rockwell, and it manufactures automotive
parts, and the other shop on the right, we know what they we see both entities felt it was important to include horns in their corporate logo... good for them.. clearly they worship the baphomet.  Put 'em on the BAN LIST!
Even one of USA's greatest companies, the giant conglomerate, 3m, even they have decided to issue a slight mofification in their logo to make sure a symbol exists which illustrates who they worship.  See the M on the right?  Notice the white space,,,, see the two horns?  Trsut me, there is more than one way to draw an M - and not all them involve one resulting in two perfectly sharp horns being created.  3M makes a lot of money, and you'll be damn sure they make sure their ad agency is paid off well enough to insert the devili-ish imagery- without the unknowing knowing.  DIRTY!


Sure, I can hear you now... C;mon how can you pick on sports teams! Of course their logo's will be diverse... and I agree, hell, I even like some of these logos myself!  All I am writing is that there is a reason why these people choose the images they do - and that reason is to show homage and loyalty to Lucifer.  Here we have doubling of the horns, and evil red eyes! Yes! ( for those wondering, this is the logo og NHL club Buffalo Sabres.


The Ram is one that has the most exposure. Not only does it have horns, but there are additional sick reason why the Ram is used,. See below...


OKAY, this freaken album cover make any sense at all?  In 1971, McCartney issued a solo album.  What the hell was he thinking?  Well, this is proof that artists are only puppets who take orders from the illuminati.  This is sick.


Briefly mentioned above, this logo employs the eye of the dajjal - the one eye symbolism commonly associated with
Lucifer, since he has one eye.


We could get into car logo's but that would be another report on pyramids. amd I feel there is
sufficient coverage out there on pyramids.  So we will stick to the bull and the horns.


A report of this nature would not be complete without TN's Long horn logo.  Give it up for satan!


Lucky for us, Toyota changed its logo a few years back.  The new logo issues the horns of the baphomet.  It took you a little while, Toyotam, but congratulations, you finally got with the program !!!

This was the old Toyota logo. Notice the absence of horns... no good!


We are al most done, but a compilation would not be complete without the Vikes.


Wouldn't you know, the newest NFL ball club's logo = not only do we get horns... but we get the one eye of the Dajjal, too !!
Not surprising.


We end this story with what is easily found on the Internet.  Need a logo?  Well, it is easy enough to slap your company's name on one of these satanic-serving ready logo's. You obligation to Lucifer will be complete.






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