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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Malik Bendjelloul ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE Searching for Sugar Man Scribe - Made to Appear as a SUICIDE...

Malik pulled down the big Oscar for Best Documentary at this year's Oscars. This was a glowing talent... and his next project may have caused his early, and extremely suspicious exit.

Oscar winner - Malik was only 36.  His next project had been almost complete - and it's true - certain sets of persons belonging to the satanic cult of the illuminati/free masons, wanted him gone.

However, his brother appears to be issuing this: "Malik had been depressed, he battled severe depression, and he took his own life, sadly,"states Johar.

How can you win an Academy Award and be depressed??  Uh-uh, not going to accept that one... something is up.

Trying to make a death look like a suicide is one of the oldest tricks in the illuminati book.  There is more to this tale, we'll be looking into this further.

Here's a snapshot of his life, and his award winning doc (credit Sky News):

Bendjelloul worked as reporter for Sweden's public broadcaster SVT before leaving to travel around the world.

It was during a trip to Cape Town that he stumbled upon Rodriguez's story.
The singer had disappeared from public life in the US but developed a cult following among white liberals in South Africa.

It took Bendjelloul more than four years to finish the film and had to use his savings to ensure it was completed.

Towards the end he shot parts of it on his phone and made his own animations.
At the time of his death Bendjelloul was working on a film about a man who could communicate with elephants.

Swedish Film Institute spokesman Jan Goransson told AP: "This terrible news has put us all in a state of shock.

"Malik Bendjelloul was one of our most exciting film makers, which the Oscar award last year was a clear proof of."

More to come on this... developing story.
We know Steig Larssen's exposure of the pedophilia rings of the elite caused his demise. could there be a link? Both artists origined from Swedan. We know why the second "Dragon Tattoo" flick has been on the shelf so long - it blatantly centers on a child abuse/sex ring - where we find out Lisbeth , while an orphan, was subjected to these sick, sick, sick, men.  Well, Larssen had to go after exposing darkest secret #3.  They made quick work of him... Malik's case appears to be along the same system of vein.

We'll find out. Stay tuned...

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