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Sunday, May 25, 2014


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This life story of his is an amazing read.  The kid's diction is near perfect, if not absolutely perfect (and we all know spell-check can only do so much).  It really puts one's life in perspective when reading it.  Awful, just a pure shi#-show - how could this kid be void of any positive advice from his parent's or doctors (appears to be un-medicated, with little along the lines of doctor exposure).  I am sure he was medicated to the max - he had to be - to live in a world of constant depression - this could be the core problem.  You don't cry, and sit in your room for weeks and  months  when you are on Paxil - the drug suppresses these he speaks of taking long walks, just wandering around the neighborhood streets - which I am sure is in combo with some type of pill -popping.  Yet, he states he would take a few shots of vodka sometimes, and try that out.  HIS ENTIRE RAP INVOLVED BEING THERE - AND WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO APPROACH  HIM.  THIS IS COMMON WITH SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER. THE PROBLEM IS, THIS IS THE MINDSET OF GIRLS - THEY WANT MEN TO APPROACH THEM - AND ELLIOT DID NOT YET LEARN THIS. 

Before I reveal the link - there are a few CRITICAL ELEMENTS worth your consideration.

  • ER has constantly written about how he has no talent, he is not good at anything.  One thing is for damn sure, this kid can write.  He has big-league range with his nomenclature and vocabulary - using words like insolent, anguish, respite as if they were common-place.  He has built a truly impressive 141 pager.
  • He states that he decided not to write "an epic story they can make into a movie" because he analyzed the screenwriters/ author realm- and determined that these people only achieve wealth when they are 45-55 years of age.  He decides that he cannot remain a virgin for this block of time. so he tosses the idea out completely.  I am shocked at how well written this kid is.  Here's an another example:
  • Pages 1-99 - ZERO grammatical/ mechanical errors.
  • Pages 100 to 113; four errors that are not even spelling mistakes, but key stroke errors involving the space bar.
  • On page 125 we get the first disclosure specific to a medication - in a tale like this - there is nothing to hide - so we take this as an honest statement.  He was prescribed what he defines as a "controversial drug; " RISPERIDONE - this is a strong anti-psychotic- we are talking about the big, big, big leagues here - it is prescribed to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder (manic depression).  He claims that he did not consume them... hmmm not 1 maybe?  Why not?
  • There is one trend we can identify as he rips his heart out and plasters it to the pages - for sure, we see much less along the lines of crying... we transition from intensive, constant crying for hours on end between 16-20 - to an almost non-existent, cry-proof boy from 21-22.  Most likely meds.
  • In re: to Alpha Phi Sorority - he states they are the wickedest bitches - and "If I ever tried to ask one of them on a date, they would reject me cruelly."  Okay, but the issue here is that he NEVER DID ask one of them out on a date... there is sickness with that - why not try... with life in the balance like that - and the "candle of hope" he states that flickers in a dark room, representing a return to sanity.
ER's taste in music is exactly the same as Patrick Bateman.  Exclusively 80's music.  I love the music as well... although not exclusive.  Some entities have even asked YTube to mute ER's radio as he drives, rather than benefit from the free publicity.

Yes, it is 137 pages... and it is a lot of information.

At page 117 he discovers the answer to the question that has turned him into a killer:

"Why do they have a perverted sexual attraction for the most brutish of men? (developing... see post after this for revelations)

The Illuminati - The Akenatron Code- Numerology
One interesting item involves the date of this - May 23, 2014.

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