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Friday, May 2, 2014

Michael Jackson Album Cover Illuminati Xscape - Illuminati - Saturn- Meaning

For starters, and you can come back to this,  but its gravy to look at his DANGEROUS album:

Scroll down to half the page and you'll see a jumbo pic- one easy to examine.

Now, Let's Xscape...

I will be augmenting this page so please check back.

Fot now, let's whet the appetite.

There are a few ways ti look at this, and a few ways to interpret what we have here,

1.  Remember MJ wearing the white hat in Smooth Criminal?  He would always wear the hat pulled DOWN, covering his face... so we would maybe see his mouth... not his head or face, because it was hidden by the hat...  So with this album cover, it is an inverted take... we see him thorugh X-ray glasses, and you may have to squint , take a few steps back but you'll see it.

That's the safe definition.  You came here for the illuminati, for Saturn... so let's get into the good stuff.

2.  I find it of value that the illuminati have finally offered up enough respect for MJ - to place him as the planet within the legendary rings...we know Saturn is worshipped for many reasons - the first being the all seeing eye that can be seen at its south pole.  This eye is used, most notably, by CBS as its logo. 
Saturn could be the clock of the universe.

Saturn could be an inter-dimensional gate.... it could be the second sun... as we know the illuminati want to create "LUCIFER" the light bearer, so earth can enjoy SUN 24 hours a day.

...More to come... here's a taste,

If you cover up the word "Xscape" above the pic, just enough to let the TWO HORNS be viewed....  the coveted horns.. always with the freaken horns... like Randy "The Ram" Robinson and the RAM JAM...

Also, save the pic and have a look at it upside down....

See you soon... more to come.



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