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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Michael Jackson Album Cover Illuminati Xscape - Illuminati - Saturn- Meaning: PART II of II - Updated May 13, 2014

Okay, I have processed the second wave of analysis.  I will begin by opening with the results of the ZOOM project performed on the dangerous cover.  You can do this at home, too.  Open up the pic in your image viewer, use the magnifying glass to ZOOOM all the way in to the perimeter of the images.  The Dangerous cover has plenty of creatures, mostly aliens, and a dozen or so of 'ole reliable... large dildo's. Let's see what Xscape holds:

Zooom Results: Xscape:

The area of concentration is the "UNIVERSAL GALAXIES" we see depicted within the upper torso of MJ.  As I zoom in - I can say this is a difficult one to decipher. Zooming in upside down I see an alien head (small) just below HIS right shoulder.  Also a larger snake like ASP head, in strike pose.  Surrounding the small alien head is the profile of some type of Alien creature, in a battle suit.

Next, since the torso only offers up a few more eyes, nothing much  more, let's have a look at the inner dome of Saturn's ring- around MJ's head.  Behind HIS left ear, upside down, zoom in and you'll see what appears to be a baby Octopus.  There is something definitely there, have a look.  Illuminati creative types use the following ranking system for animals, used as subliminals to effect our minds.  1. Snake  2. Creepy, hairy, leggy Spiders, 3. Octopus.
There is a large eyeball above MJ's right ear, zoom in and you'll see it-clear.

Angle Jump: Switching to a view with MJ's RIGHT EAR on top, if we Zoom in we clearly see a devil's face - smiling at us... how special.  Use a straight line from MJ's RIGHT eye , into the area within the ring to see it.  You will see the big smile, and the two eyes forming the devil's face.

Now, take a straight line from the RIGHT corner of MJ's LIPs - go down below his chin ( remember, this is the view with MJ's RIGHT ear on top.  Below his chin... you will see two red spots... look carefully because between these two red spots you should see TWO EYE BALLS.  These are the eyes of a bull.  You'll see the long snout and the horn's too.  Outside of evil aliens, demons, the illuminati like to use the bull smiling as an image, one of their only upbeat images.

Remember, these are hidden subliminal images, the goal is for these images to impact our subliminal mind by promoting animalistic actions, infantile actions.  This system was set off by Freud's moronic son, who developed this. Our generation is now talking everything to the extreme... I hope it blows up in their faces,,, there is no reason to sacrifice and kill innocent people, which is their MO= the blood sacrifice... and tonight is a full moon... the 13th of May, 2014 = (3+1=) 4 / (may = )5 / 2+0+1+4=7 / so 4+5+7 = 16, 6+1=7. & is not that powerful, so should be fairly quiet.

Well, I don't want to bore you with a lengthy composition so I will have a look at the remaining views and post the results soon. I will also try to obtain SNAP SHOTS to make this practice easier for you.

Be careful.


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