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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Notice how fire has become an increasingly popular theme in songs? Our generation of Illuminati leaders have voted to "Hyper-SPIKE" the hidden agenda, the Occult (hidden) ways, methods.

I criticized Alicia Keys for her "Let's Set The World On Fire" tour last year.  Such a pleasant way of bonding with fans... such a great idea!  Could there be any other meaning?

Ellie Goulding has joined in with "Burn."
Oh, and if you like playoff hockey you may hear "Light 'Em Up!" "We/re on fire" at the next home game... Let's not  forget... OR diminish Billy Joel's hit " We Didn't Start The Fire,"

...these songs are written by a pool of satanic minds... and they pride themselves on spending all day and year writing this crap, and pitching ideas on who should have the ultimate satanic "priv" to sing them.  Don't get me wrong, some of these tunes are cool, I enjoy Bass, so keep it coming but it is morphing into a retarded way of corroding music into a deformed beast (BEATS= BEAST).

One more note on fire, before I comment on the new slut song "First Love."  Ever see PROMETHEUS?  Notice how the flame thrower is still being used 100 year into the future?  Wouldn't you think 100 years from now we would have more of a selection - more of a focus on energy weapons, like, oh, I don't know - how about laser, or lightning type weapons? Nah, just the flame thrower, this is to send a clear homage to Lucifer- the flame. Keep it in there, to remind people... it is the synonymous symbol representing hell... or heaven, depending on who you talk to.

Ah, J-LO, thank you deciding to corrupt our youth so you can make millions and promote an adolescent mindset of having sex. Her new hit : "first love" ...

... is a little diddy that goes like this...

"I wish you were my first love, because if you were the first there wouldn't have been a second, third or fourth love."

Thanks J-LO, let's sing about girls being sluts and having sex with everyone. That's is wonderful. I hope you make millions on it.  Hmmm - interesting pic above... let's Zoom in and see what different types of subliminal we have here:

You now know the drill - save the pic to your desktop, and pull it up via Image Viewer. Next, use the magnifying glass to zoom in- have a look just below JLO's LEFT earring. There is something going on there... with taller body figures and smaller body figures.
Finally, and you can continue to view this and have some fun, but I see (looking at the image upside down) on the R in "FIRST" you will see a clear smiley face!

Ahh, joy and happiness! Everyone thank J-Lo for teaching kids to have sex not once, twice, hey, not even three times, not dirty enough... no, four times!  Yes! Thanks, J-lo? How old are you?
-WebMaster G

P.S.:  Remember the horror theme in music, from great tunes like THRILLER, to the most recent piece of crap dished out by RIRI and M+M candy - "I'm friends with the monster under my bed."  I mean, some of this crap is just so immature... I wish we had a higher quality of creative talent in this world... bored by it - and I hope you are too.  xo

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